Fiorina first, Rubio runner up 6

Charles Krauhammer judges last night’s GOP presidential candidates’ debate:

We agree. (But not with Krauthammer’s comment that Carly Fiorina “had a severe demeanor”, which earned her an A- instead of her well-deserevd A in his judgment.)

We were very impressed with the way she supported her cogent arguments with concrete facts and figures.

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  • max

    Electing a woman for President is in no way “Conservatism”. Its feminism which is Leftism. For reasons grounded in biology, women should not be leaders of nations. The fact that you can point to a Thatcher just means that modern Western society has been so degraded that women are often allowed to be strong whereas mean are not. Liberalism has resulted in a war against men, masculinity and strength of character. All things the Left is in the process of destroying. How does electing a woman as a Republican stop the war against men? A good Conservative argument could be made that women should not be in the military or in politics at all. Why? They feminize any space that they enter which is an inevitable consequence of their very nature. The God of Biomechanics is the one true god and nations that do not acknowledge his legitimacy will suffer.

    Fiorina is a standard GOP hack who was terrible in the business world. (Although she made boatloads of money for herself.) She is only being popularized because she is a woman. A man with her performance would be unexceptional. And Krautheimer is just another mainstream “Conservative” lightweight who is really more of a liberal (as is most of the mainstream right commentators).

    There are no good candidates if you are either very pro-economic liberty or if you are a true Conservative (or if you are very anti-Islam). Trump whatever his flaws has promised something which is at the heart of preserving European civilization in North America. And that is immigration control. I don’t agree with his economics, but if he does follow through on his immigration plan that would be something of true importance.

    The browning of America will be the death of America. And continuing to placate women by including them in politics will continue to demoralize white males. And if white males continue to be demoralized, white women will eventually abandon them and abandon the European race in general. Women are hypergamous. They are attracted to strength not Cuckolds. That alone is reason to exclude them from politics. This is not misogyny, its biology.

    • Max: Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was not a feminist, and she despised feminism. She insisted she “owed nothing to it”. But yes, she was an exceptional woman. I admire her greatly. And I too – though I too am a woman – despise feminism.

      No, Fiorina is not popular only because she is a woman. On the contrary, she was being discriminated against – put in the lower league – because she is a woman. She has risen on her merits – as Lady Thatcher did. There is no man who matched her performance. Her command of facts and figures was striking. She was eloquent. She could debate well – could think on her feet. She no doubt is not perfect. Who is?

      Are white males really such wussies that having a woman compete with them is to “demoralize” them? If so they deserve to be demoralized!

      • Kerry

        Here here!

  • Frank

    I agree with Krauthammer’s conclusions.

  • Kerry

    I agree with your assessment that Carly deserved the “A” for one outstanding performance. Her grasp on the issues was in stark contrast to the other candidates that mostly spiel out pat answers, sound-bites, and overdone wearisome platitudes. Leadership is what she demonstrated. Resolve is what you feel from her. I am more and more impressed every time I hear her.

  • liz

    I was looking at the website “Conservative Review”, and Fiorina doesn’t score very high. Neither does Trump. Ted Cruz scores the highest by far. I wish he was getting higher poll numbers.