The invasion of the First World by the Third World 3

This video is titled “Migrant Crisis: The Footage the Media Refuse to Broadcast”. (Some of the scenes have in fact been shown on American news channels, but it is all too likely that they are not shown in Europe or by the BBC.)

The indignation of the woman whose charity is rejected – her donation of food that was “good for three years” thrown away contemptuously – is wonderful to see and hear. 

For decades the Left has worked to destroy the “evil” First World in support of the great cause of the “wretched of the earth”, the inhabitants of the Third World “victimized” by Western “imperialism” and “colonialism”. Now that the hellish Third World is pouring into Europe, at least some on the Left are beginning to change their minds, faced with a horror that they themselves have called up, never thinking that such a thing could actually happen to them. 

We savor the irony of their discovering their error so late, even as we deplore the event that is bringing them to their senses.

  • Azgael

    Time to reopen all the nazi concentration camps and gas chambers and throw these savages in them, the police should not be giving them food and water but 7.62 nato rounds fired from their guns.

    • Bruce

      Better idea: load them on planes and send them back to the middle east. Make them their fellow islamists’ problem and a drain on their resources. At the same time, fortify the borders and inform them that they will simply be sent back. There will be no welfare, there will be no assistance. And if the left screams about how horrible we’re being, and how these poor migrants need help, start to confiscate the leftists’ possessions and money, and use it for humanitarian aid. See how quickly the rest of them shut up.

  • liz

    In the past, as now, there were invading barbarian hordes – the difference now is that the hordes are encouraged and protected by the host countries governments and media propaganda. We’ve advanced technologically but regressed rationally, thanks to the mental disease of Leftism.