Cheers, tears, jeers, fears 3

Friday September 25 2015, was a momentous day of very good news and very bad news.

Cause for cheering:

The lachrymose John Boehner announced his forthcoming resignation as Speaker of the House, making way (one hopes) for a stronger Republican leader. No cause for the nation to weep, though no doubt he himself shed a few tears over his failure.

Cause for jeering:

1. Thousands more of Hillary Clinton’s emails surfaced, proving her to have perjured herself. Some hundreds of them, it is reported, concern Libya and Benghazi. We look forward to many a new revelation of her lies, her incompetence, and her self-serving malice. Reports also surfaced of her being seriously unwell. How much longer can  the Democratic Party go on pretending that she can be its nominee for the presidency?  For as long perhaps as it takes them to find someone else. At present it’s stuck with the corrupt Hillary, the old commie Sanders, and the dimwitted Biden.

2. The Peronist Pope urged America to promote socialism so everyone can be equally poor.

Cause for fearing:

Bigger news is overwhelmingly awful. Overwhelmed by a tsunami of Muslim migrants, Europe’s destruction is fully underway, and needless to say it’s a great tragedy. Of course the Europeans have earned their doom, but it won’t be good for America when the whole European continent is an Islamic caliphate governed by sharia law. And Obama has deliberately made the United States vulnerable to jihad. Through his efforts, there is a terrible probability of nuclear war in this century.

  • Bruce

    Hmph. If she is seriously unwell, I can only hope it’s something fast-acting, terminal, and incurable. Painful too, given her callous lying to the survivors of those who died in the Benghazi debacle. I am sorry to say so, but people who wish their enemies on the left well do so out of a misguided sense of compassion. The left is the enemy, and you can be certain they would gleefully celebrate hearing that any major figure on the right had cancer or something similar, as they have done exactly that before.

    • liz

      Right. I couldn’t muster up much sympathy for the Muslims killed in the stampede at Mecca, either. They were probably all praying “death to America”, anyway.
      (And too bad Obama wasn’t making his “haj” that day.)

    • Kevin VandeWettering

      Why? She’s done. She was done before this recent revelation. Why kick a dead dog? Now she’s backed into something really criminal. It’s over. She’s not even gonna get out of the primary. She’ll be lucky if she doesn’t find out whether she looks good in an orange jump suit.