Pay a tax for being white? 4

Should whites be taxed to benefit other races – and so do penance for their “white privilege”?

Again, Mark Dice makes a proposal to people at a beach and shows how stupid voters can be. (Only one man realizes that Dice is joking.)

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  • liz

    Just saw an article at “The Daily Caller” that totally confirms the point here:
    “Former Intelligence Analyst: Political Correctness is a Manipulative Tool for Centralizing Power”. She details how the left uses mass manipulation techniques to confuse Americans and gain power. She says, “If you push an agenda to centralize power you need mass ignorance and effective propaganda”.
    This is something TAC has been pointing out all along, but it’s great to see it being confirmed even more widely. Like someone said: sometimes the most effective tool is just to keep stating the obvious.

  • liz

    What mindless sheep. It demonstrates really well how the brainwashing happens.
    It’s easy when people’s minds are basically like shapeless amoebas floating randomly through life, oblivious to reality.

    • Azgael

      it is also why democracy is always doomed to fail, why a creature like obama got elected twice and why hilderbeast still polling in the 40s, why leftists support islam even tho islam would slaughter all they “protected peoples” (gays, feminists), its why as a species we have reached our peak and only extinction is left for us

      • liz

        Yes, self-inflicted extinction. Or maybe just near-extinction – a repeat of the “cycle” of history, when barbarians wipe out civilization and it has to re-invent itself all over again. (Destroyed thanks to the “intellectual” leaders of the age.)