The rape of Sweden 3

Pat Condell tells Sweden the truth about itself again.

(Sweden, like most of Western Europe only more so, is letting itself be raped. Even, as a nation, insisting on it.)

  • liz

    Yes, cockroaches and traitors. I can’t believe the Swedes aren’t storming their capitol with pitchforks by now. But so should we.
    I heard alot of mosques were burnt down in Sweden – hope that idea catches on with Europeans and Americans just like jihad has with Muslims.

  • Azgael

    If you still think leftists are human and that we should not eradicate them like the parasite disease they are..then you are as guilty of rape as those 3rd world criminals in Sweden.

    You can NEVER EVER change ANYONE who WOULD LIE and COVER UP the crimes those muslim filth are doing in Europe and every where else they are.

    • I think the are “human, all too human”.

      However, I would like to eradicate their leftism. Does that mitigate my guilt as a co-rapist to some degree?