The blind and stupid governments of Europe 3

At the time of this writing, 129 people are known to have been killed today, Friday November 13, 2015, in co-ordinated terrorist attacks in France. [Update Sunday 11/15/2015: 132 killed.]

The attacks by IS/ISIS/ISIL on six crowded public places in Paris must have taken a lot of organizing. There must have been a few hundred operatives involved in the plot and an immense amount of “chatter” about it on cell phones and the social media for weeks and probably months beforehand. And yet the French police caught not a whiff of it? Not a whisper on the wind?

The attacks are an intelligence failure of monstrous proportions. Or was there monstrous corruption? Always a possibility.

ISIS  – the Islamic State – is of course primarily responsible for the deaths, injuries, and terror. But the French government – which like the German government, the Swedish government and all the other European governments have let in and are letting in millions of Muslims – must be held responsible for preparing the conditions that ISIS takes advantage of to spread its savage war.

There will certainly be more such attacks in Europe.

And in America?

Shortly before the hour when the attacks in Paris began, President Obama ridiculously declared that ISIS was “contained”.

He also continues to maintain that the Islamic State “has nothing to do with Islam”. So clearly, in the blind and stupid stakes, Obama keeps up with the front runners.

However, according to Judicial Watch, “the FBI has nearly 1000 active ISIS probes inside the US”. If that is so, they are doing a lot better than the French police.

ISIS will act in America. It is just possible that they will find it more difficult than in Europe. But not very difficult. Not when Obama is importing tens of thousands of Muslim “refugees” from the Middle East, unvetted and unvettable. And not when any terrorist can cross the southern border illegally, be met by a bus, and be driven to a welcome center where he can start collecting cash and goods.

And getting busy on his cellphone to organize the murder of Americans.

  • liz

    As we’ve all noted before, many times, Europe’s and Obama’s policies are suicidally insane. To call them blind and stupid, at this point, is too kind.
    They are evil. If anything qualifies as a treasonous, evil conspiracy, this does.
    They all KNOW, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that they are providing for the deaths of their own citizens when they allow these hordes of unvetted potential terrorists into our countries. Yet on the same day of these attacks, 10,000 Syrian “refugees” just arrived in New Orleans, ready to infiltrate.
    I can only conclude that the whole thing is a coordinated strategy to destroy every civilized nation now existing, and no one’s going to do a damn thing about it.

    • You are so right, liz.

      We needed reminding. Obama intends savage Islam to win its jihad.

      The conspiracy is unequivocally and profoundly evil.

      • liz

        Yes. The FBI has nearly 1,000 ISIS probes? The only way that is possible is because we’ve been letting them infiltrate us by the millions.
        The obvious solution to that is to halt the immigration and deport the rest, but that is the LAST thing Obama would ever do. He’s domestic enemy #1.
        This is an unprecedented national crisis, and our leaders have sunk to such a depth of corruption that they will not lift a finger to stop it.