Islam shouts 1

… its declarations of war.

The West does not want to listen.

This must-be-watched video was published in June, 2014, by MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research Institute).

After the jihad attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015, will the West start listening? (We doubt it.)

Mumin Salih, an apostate from Islam who lives in Britain, comments accurately, at Islam Watch, on the jihad and Europe’s capitulation:

The West has committed suicide; the lethal pill was swallowed by the post war generation of Europeans. The so called “baby boomers” inherited treasures of wealth, culture, freedom and unsurpassed civilization, earned by their fathers and grandfathers. The rich inheritance didn’t come cheaply but at the cost of millions of lives that were sacrificed by the previous generations. All the baby boomers needed to do was to enjoy those treasures and pass them on to the next generations; a task they could have done effortlessly, but they didn’t. The result is what we see today, a Europe [of] nations ashamed of their culture, identity and history.

And Obama would have America follow Europe’s lead into self-destruction.

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  • liz

    Someone arriving from another planet and assessing the situation might think, “what bad luck that the U.S. just happens to have an Islamic sympathizer in the White House at a time like this…” But then it might occur to him that this very unfortunate circumstance must be the result of more than just random bad luck. It had to be allowed – but what nation would be that stupid?
    Well, if the West has already committed suicide, which makes it brain dead, it’s no wonder those who want to destroy have succeeded.
    Ayn Rand saw this happening and tried to inspire a revival of reason, asking:
    “Who are to be the new intellectuals? All who are willing to think…who know that man’s life must be guided by reason, those who value their own life and are not willing to surrender it to the cult of despair in the modern jungle of cynical impotence, just as they are not willing to surrender the world to the Dark Ages and the rule of brutes.”
    And since no one listened, we are about to enter the Dark Ages and the rule of brutes.