The workplace of war 5

The media, including Fox News, and the police, the president, and all Democrats, are having difficulty finding a motive behind the massacre of San Bernardino, carried out yesterday by a Muslim man and a Muslim woman.

Daring commentators go so far as to say that the killing might have been Islamic terrorism, acts of which, they recall, have been carried out from time to time in America and elsewhere; or it might have been workplace violence – which they’d much prefer it to be.

We are happy to come to their aid and resolve the dilemma.

For jihadis, they are the same thing.

Islamic lore has it that the whole non-Muslim world is the Dar-al-Harb, the Place of War. And that whole vast wicked region is their workplace.

So – you see – by killing non-Muslims, Muslims are performing acts of workplace violence in order to terrorize the infidel. And that is not wrong, it is the work they are instructed to do by no less a boss than Allah himself.  

We are all aware that workplace violence is an everyday occurrence. It’s as American as apple pie. Why make a fuss about it?

When you should be worrying about global warming.

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  • liz

    Right. It’s becoming annoyingly predictable – when terrorists attack, no one can possibly imagine the motive! Whatever could it be?
    Great way to add an arrogant insult to everyone’s intelligence to the injury.
    And of course, the solution that is immediately paraded out is gun control.
    Yes, it’s all our own fault for having guns, and for offending Muslims by our very existence. Us racist Islamophobes!
    Never a suggestion that it just might be the governments fault for letting Muslims into the country in the first place, and for creating gun free zones.
    And of course, the next insult to our intelligence – we should be more worried about global warming, anyway. The arrogant ass.
    Obama is a co-conspirator in the terrorism, as far as I’m concerned.

    • Yes, “Obama is a co-conspirator”.

      Perfect, liz!

      • liz

        True to form, the Washington Post’s headline today, over a photo of the terrorist, is “Why did they do it?”
        So predictable!

    • Bruce

      I sincerely hope that our next president brings Obama up on treason charges.Doubt if it’ll happen, but a man can dream.

      • liz

        If he has any decency, he will. Obama (and the rest of his cronies) should spend the rest of his life in that prison he’s so fond of releasing terrorists from.