The good of guns 3

Obama and Democrats will not believe it. Because if facts don’t support their agenda, they are impervious to them.

But the case can be made: the more guns there are in the hands of citizens, the fewer the victims of gun murder. 

This telling chart comes from the American Enterprise Institute (via PowerLine), where its validity and implications are discussed.


Posted under Crime, United States by Jillian Becker on Sunday, December 6, 2015

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  • liz

    The correlation between armed citizens and lower crime is clearly evident.
    Not only do statistics confirm it, it’s just common sense.
    Yet leftists like Obama remain purposely blind and deaf to facts and reason, since it doesn’t fit their agenda of disarming the people in order to control them.
    They shamelessly exploit every tragedy (if none are available, they manufacture them) to further that agenda with crocodile tears, calls against free speech and for gun control, and the worthless media promotes the propaganda. Then their collaborators among the population, their trained agitators and “useful idiots”, run with it.
    It’s quite predictable coming from a trained Alinskyite community organizer and his cronies, who “never let a crisis go to waste”.

    • liz

      I just saw the headline that President Obama is going to give an address to the people “reassuring” us that “our safety is his greatest priority”.
      Oooh – doesn’t that just make you feel soooo greatly reassured?
      Yes, all my fears are now dispelled, because our Traitor in Chief, the world’s greatest pathological liar, is going to lie to us some more!

      • Right, liz. And he did too. The old platitudes! And not a mention of jihad.