Obama’s policy: let Muslim terrorism rip 3

Not only has Obama done everything he could to help Islam advance its ideological program of world domination – even bringing Muslim Brotherhood personnel into the US government* – but he also does everything he can to weaken forces opposing it.

Western Journalism reports:

On Thursday, a whistleblower came forward. Phillip Haney, a former Department of Homeland Security investigator, says he could have likely prevented the attacks in San Bernardino if the government had let him do his job. Three years ago, Haney had developed surveillance that revealed a global network of jihadists had infiltrated the United States.

Haney, one of the founding members of Homeland Security, had been transferred to the Intelligence Review Unit and it was in that capacity that he discovered the global network of jihadists at work in the U.S. It was then that he was visited by officials from the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security’s Civil Rights Division who told Haney that tracking the jihadists was “problematic” because they were Islamic groups. [Emphasis ours – ed.)

Haney said his investigation was shut down and 67 of his files were deleted.

One of the files that was deleted was an investigation into the mosque that the San Bernardino terrorists frequently attended.

Haney claims that he was targeted, reassigned, and eventually lost his security clearance, even though he had received a commendation letter for locating 300 known terrorists in the U.S.

Haney’s claim that he was prohibited from investigating the mosque that the terrorists attended is now being followed up with accusations that Obama issued a directive to downplay the terrorist attacks.

Unnamed sources have come forward and reported that the White House tried to spin the San Bernardino attack by putting pressure on officials to downplay what happened as terror, in favor of the term “gun violence”. …

A confidential source revealed, Obama held a meeting in the Oval Office with his National Security Council, the attorney general, and the directors of the DHS, FBI, and NSA, in which a directive was given to “downplay the terrorism angle”.


* See for instance here, here and here.

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  • liz

    To me this is MORE than enough evidence of TREASON. There are so many “dots” that any moron could have connected them by now. And here is evidence that shows a direct “cause and effect” link between his obstruction of an investigation, and the act of terrorism that resulted.
    Just as he is responsible for the deaths in Bengahzi, Fort Hood, Boston, and for the deaths that will result from Iran obtaining nuclear weapons, and from the release of terrorists from Gitmo, he’s responsible for the deaths resulting from this particular act of terrorism and the many more that are bound to happen as a result of his terrorist abetting policies.

    • Azgael

      The first presidential candidate that sais they will launch a full investigation into the obama administration actions and prosecute everyone, including obama himself, for any crimes done will win almost all the conservative votes.

      But we all know nothing will happen because the ENTIRE DC apparatus in corrupt and on the same side, against the american people, science and our species, lets hope for the planet that americans still have balls to stand up march on DC and remove them all by force and soon, elections at this point are useless, redundant.

      • liz

        Yes, I really do wonder if there will be a country left to “make great again” by the time elections come around. And will they accomplish much, or will it all be “too little, too late “? It is a serious question as to whether the corruption is so deep as to be impossible to extricate it from the bureaucratic “apparatus” that used to be our government.