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The wrecking legions of the Left marched through the institutions of the West decade after decade, until they dominated most of them: the media, trade unions, professional associations, the academy, the entertainment industry, the book publishing industry, the awards committees, the charities, the NGOs, local government, central government agencies, the parliaments; even to some extent the judiciaries; and finally the peak of power, the presidency of the United States.

Those institutions which they couldn’t take over – the police, the military – they so vilified as to bring them into almost universal disrepute.

Urgently now the Left needs to be accused, toppled, disarmed, and permanently disgraced.

Is there a chance of that happening?

There’s no chance in Europe, unless perhaps by civil war. There’s a remote chance in Britain. And what chance is there in America?

We quote from an article by Dennis Prager at Townhall:

Leftism is ruining America.

But almost no Republican ever — let alone repeatedly — says this.

The universities of this country have become a laughingstock. They have degenerated into anti-intellectual, anti-Western, anti-rational institutions with their ludicrous “safe spaces”, trigger warnings that infantilize students, and all the lies about the racism and a rape culture that allegedly pervade the campuses and American society.

What is responsible for that? Leftism.

According to Pew Research, 40 percent of millennials do not believe in the principal of freedom of speech if the speech might hurt the feelings of a member of a minority group.

What is responsible for that? Leftism.

Why did Islamic State rise in Iraq after that country had been pacified by American troops and the Sunni uprising? Because a leftist president, the left-wing Democratic Party, and the left-wing media demanded a complete American withdrawal from Iraq.

Why are race relations worse than in living memory despite the election and re-election of black president? Because of the left-wing lies about “systemic” racism. Because of the left-wing “Ferguson” lie, repeated regularly by the president of the United States, as if an innocent “unarmed black teenager” was killed by a white policeman because the teen was black and not because he was threatening the life of the officer. Because of the absurdity of “microaggressions”, those lists of often noble statements – such as “there is only one race, the human race” – that the left characterizes as racist.

Why is it harder to open and sustain a small business than at any time in American history? Because of the left and their endless regulations.

Why do we have the highest national debt in American history? Because the left keeps expanding the size of the government.

Why are more Americans on public assistance than ever before? Because left-wing policies are designed to get more and more Americans dependent on government.

Why are Americans increasingly separated into ethnic, racial and religious identities? Because of the left-wing belief in multiculturalism and the left’s neo-fascist emphasis on the importance of race.

Why are more Americans born to women without husbands than ever before? Because, ideologically, the left has determined that children do not need fathers, and because, policy-wise, the left has enabled mothers to depend on the state rather than the man who fathered her children.

Why is the American military weaker and less feared than at anytime in the last 50 years? Because the left doesn’t want America to be the strongest country in the world.

In addition to criticizing Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, Republicans need to tell the American people over and over that the only thing that can stop the further degradation of the United States of America is conservatism and the Republican Party. Because only conservatism and the Republican Party can stop the left.

Only a more conservative Republican Party can stop the left, we would say. Is there a chance of the Republican Party becoming more conservative?

Best of all would be a triumphant conservative Republican Party that keeps religion in a locked box somewhere far from the chambers of government and the corridors of power. But we regretfully accept that there’s little chance of that.

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  • One_Eyed_Fat_Man

    I have felt, all along, that Trump is a ‘Manchurian candidate’ put out there by the Clintons to assure that the harridan wins the next presidential election.

    I can only hope that someone other than Trump runs as the Republican nominee, and that Trump, the Clinton puppet, does not run as a ‘third party’ candidate (which I believe has been the Clinton plan all along.

    • liz

      I just expressed the same thought before I read your comment!
      Yes, that’s a scary possibility, and if it happens, we’ll end up in a worse mess than we’ve been in since the Democrats were duped into voting for Obama.

      • Bruce

        What do you think about the Trump resort losing that Masters’ tournament or whatever it was? Trump’s taking something of a beating monetarily and reputation-wise, at least amongst the lefties. Do you think he’s really such a Clintonist that he’d be willing to go through all of this just to make sure she gets elected? It strikes me as being somewhat far-fetched, though even the concept of it is worrisome, I admit.

        • liz

          I don’t know. I thought it was far fetched, too, and maybe it is, but I’m getting disappointed in him about other things anyway. He really disrespected Pam Gellar, who I think is right up there with Geert Wilders in taking a brave stand against Muslims trying to impose sharia and kill free speech. He’s supposedly an “in your face” kind of guy who’s against Muslim immigration – he should appreciate her – I don’t get it.
          Then you have his stupid opinions on eminent domain and ethanol subsidies. He seems like a progressive in these areas, so that makes it more plausible that he is one, is faking the rest, and maybe is entirely a fake …..Cruz could be one, too…
          I’m getting paranoid!

  • liz

    “Is there a chance of the Republican party becoming more conservative?”
    That’s a good question. If a conservative (Cruz, maybe?) wins the next election, it may be possible. But it may be more likely that it will split and a third party emerge than anything else happening.

    • Yes, and a split would be disastrous. It would divide the anti-Democratic, anti-Hillary vote and let them and her in.

      That’s what I fear the phenomenal Donald Trump may bring about. He makes me laugh. He blows away political correctness. His idea of stopping all Muslim immigration is good (and it is constitutional). But if he’s not nominated and decides to stand as an Independent …

      • liz

        Right. It makes me wonder if that’s been the plan all along. But whether intentional or unintentional, it would be a disaster.