Trump’s wall 5

Trump talks about building a wall on the US-Mexico border .

Stephen Colbert tries but fails to score jokes at Trump’s expense.

Who talks sense and who talks nonsense? Which one is the clown?

Posted under Mexico, United States by Jillian Becker on Monday, December 28, 2015

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  • Twelvis

    Right you are, Liz. This Colbert interview seems to be how Trump sounds when he’s speaking matter of fact, firing for effect rather than for range. (Excuse the inadvertent pun on ‘fire’.)

    • liz

      That’s another good reason to elect Trump – he’s good at firing people!
      That skill could be put to great use, since there is a huge colony of bureaucratic cockroaches hiding under the floorboards of government now that need to be exterminated, not to mention the ones in plain sight!

      • Twelvis

        Well said again. Fed Government needs to be reduced anatomically, entire department by department (Education, Energy, etc.) not just in terms of reduced budgets. The whole idea of legitimately delegated authority disappeared a while back.

        • liz

          I think if government was ever reduced back to its true constitutional limits, most politicians would die of apoplexy!

  • liz

    Colbert – typical liberal idiot who probably thinks no borders are just great, and that Trump is a Nazi for even suggesting one.
    Trump may not be right about everything, but he’s right about closing the border, deporting illegals, and banning Muslim immigration. These are such huge priorities that he’s worth electing just for that.