Who are the racists? 2

I have been asked: If elite colleges do not create lower admission standards, how are they going to have enough black students? My response is: That’s their problem. Black people cannot afford to have our youngsters turned into failures in order to support the agendas of diversity race hustlers and to lessen the guilt of white liberals.

So writes Professor Walter Williams in an article against “affirmative action” – ie. discrimination on grounds of race – here.


Walter Williams

Derryck Green of Prager University makes it plain on which side of the political divide the racists are – and it isn’t the conservative side.


(Hat-tip for the video to our Facebook commenter Robert Nabors)

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  • liz

    They’re exactly right. Liberals, the useful idiots of Leftists, are the racists.
    Treating blacks like children or “special needs” people who must be given privileged status in order to succeed does no one, especially blacks, any favors.
    But of course it gives Democrats a dependent class who’s vote they can count on in return for the favors. It doesn’t matter that, as dependents, the favored group loses all self respect and is reduced to the lowest common denominator.

    • Bruce

      Tough love is often the best love. Unfortunately, the soft-hearted abhor tough love as abuse, not realizing that sometimes people need a good swift kick in the arse to help them pull their head out of the rectosphere. And the soft-headed don’t realize just what sort of harm treating everyone as a special snowflake who must succeed does. Failure, and it’s consequences, ensure a healthy system, because the stupid and lazy end up with lives that suck, which acts as a deterrent to that sort of behavior. On the other hand, you did hit the nail on the head as to how leftists see things. They don’t give a rat’s rear about anyone or anything except their own power, and other people are simply tools to be used to that end. For the “good of mankind,” of course. Their use of those tactics towards that alleged end reeks of hypocrisy like nothing else.