An atheist’s question 3

Ted Cruz answers a questioner who, after introducing himself as an atheist, asks the presidential candidate why he should vote for him.

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  • liz

    Good answer – he seems to grasp that freedom of conscience is an important and necessary right, and that all conservatives, whether religious or not, have a common enemy – the leftists abusing government power.

    • Azgael

      the enemy of my enemy is my friend…for now, never forget christianity is and always will be our enemy as evil as islam they are.

      • Bruce

        I’d quantify that to say that the fundies will always be our enemy, regardless of whatever book or bogeyman they kowtow to. The more enlightened of adult theists are decent people often despite their faith, not because of it, and I think they will continue to be so no matter what nonsense the fundies spew forth. But for the sake of all, keep them out of the classrooms! The fundies look at how the leftists indoctrinate about AGW and seethe with envy.