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In this excellent video published by the Clarion Project in December 2015, Raheel Raza, president of Muslims Facing Tomorrow, talks truthfully about radical Islam.


(Hat-tip to our Facebook commenter, Darryl Kerney)

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  • liz

    Great video, but I wished she would have gone on, after describing the first three circles of Islam, to talk about the fourth circle – Muslims like her, who are civilized.
    I wonder if the amount in the first three circles outnumber those in her circle? There are enough of them, at any rate, to make the banning of Muslim immigration justified.
    It also makes me wonder how she can justify to herself being Muslim at all. Does she realize that Islam’s prophet himself provides these radicals with the justification for their beliefs?

    • You are right, liz. She makes good sense as far as she goes. But then – why still a Muslim at all?

      Maybe she and the others in her group feel that their criticism of Islam carries more weight if it comes from dissenting Muslims,because they cannot be faulted on grounds of sheer prejudice or ignorance.

      I suspect that they – or at least some of them – have in fact wholly abandoned Islam. Some may even be atheists.

      • liz

        Right – her opinion would carry more weight with some. With others, however, depending on where they are in the “circles”, it would probably have the effect of getting her labeled an apostate.