The mysteries of Benghazi 5

Among the many still unanswered question about the tragedy of Benghazi, these stand out above all others:

Why were “more than 600” requests from Ambassador Stevens for better security for the US mission in Benghazi not granted?

Whether or not they “reached” Hillary Clinton’s desk – and she denies that any of them did – the question why better security was not granted has never been answered.

What could the reason be?

And why was Ambassador Stephens then sent to the insecure mission in Benghazi on the specially dangerous anniversary day of 9/11/12?

On the face of it, it looks as if the State Department was party to a planned assassination of its own ambassador.

But why would it want that?

Al-Qaeda’s hackers of Hillary Clinton’s easily-hacked emails would have known what Hillary Clinton’s game in Benghazi was. But the American people she was paid to serve do not.

Everyone outside of the Obama conspiracy can only conjecture.

So possible answers to the questions are invited.

  • Jer

    Now we see that the FBI has possession of emails between Hillary and Obama from July 2012, and Obama is using a pseudonym. Why? Maybe because he was planning his “October surprise” at the time and coordinating it at the State Dept. And the FBI isn’t releasing the details of those emails (at least not as of 23 Sep 2016).

  • Jer

    I guess I’m a conspiracy nut (we’re being proven right more and more these days) but I believe the purpose of the benghazi raid was to kidnap Ambassador Stevens and hold him hostage until Obama could “make a (prearranged) deal with Egyptian President Morsi to trade him for Mullah Omar (?). This would give Morsi the release of an important mullah that he wanted, and give Obama an “October surprise” that he wanted. As evidence of this, I point to the fact that Stevens was taken to a hospital by the “terrorists”. All the others were left to die, or were executed outright. But, when Steven’s body wasn’t found at first, someone thought to call his cell phone number. The phone range across town in the local hospital and was answered by a doctor.
    Why did they try to save Stevens’ life while killing all the rest? Because their original mission was to kidnap Stevens. If the two former SEALs hadn’t started shooting then they would have done just that. And that’s why they took him, and only him, to the hospital to try and save his life.

    • I wouldn’t put anything past the Obama-Clinton mafia.

    • liz

      That’s a really plausible theory, in light of what we know about how low Obama is willing to go to give our enemies what they want. If he was willing to release several terrorists in exchange for a deserter, this scenario would have been right up his alley. This theory also explains alot of things that don’t add up about the events, such as why security was denied, why the security detail had no weapons, why they were ordered to stand down, etc. Very interesting!

  • liz

    I don’t have any answers, but it definitely seems like he was set up for it.
    Why they would do that is another question, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did.
    Abject incompetence can’t be ruled out, since they are both evil and incompetent.
    It would be great if, in the searching of Hillary’s emails, the explanation for this was found, and the evidence against both her and Obama obtained at the same time.