Sob for Al-Sweden 8

A Dane talks about the disaster that is Sweden, and warns that Denmark could be going the same way. We like the video, but do not agree with him that the answer to the catastrophe that the Muslim invasion and colonization of Scandinavia has caused is “assimilation”. Muslim immigration needs to be stopped. ¬†Deportation on a vast scale needs to become immediate policy and implemented pronto. None of that will happen. So what will? Either the total Islamization of ¬†– not just Scandinavia but – all Europe, or civil war.

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  • I don’t believe forced deportations can work. The cost would be astronomical. The migrants often deliberately lose all identity documents, its just not clear where you can deport them to. Even the cost of identifying exactly where they all came from is huge. Of course the migrants will resist deportation as well. Why should the European tax payers have to pay for them to be relocated anyway?

    My own view, is for those that are here now the only way forward is to make life difficult for them until they eventually go home of their own accord. Stop giving them welfare, free housing. If they build dwellings illegally, demolish them. All European countries do this whenever their own citizens build without planning permission anyway, even if they build on their own land. The double standard here is indefensible.

    Of course then the migrants will turn to committing more crime. The police are already overwhelmed. Then finally the people of Europe will start to need to be armed for self defense.

    Either way the situation is going to continue getting worse until Europe recovers its self respect and throws out its current leadership. Civil war looks increasingly likely until then.

    • I take your points, Chauncey Tinker.

      Thank you for arguing them so cogently.

    • liz

      Yes, the cost would be astronomical to deport them, but it’s going to be even more astronomical to support them all on welfare as they multiply like rabbits, and of course we must also deal with the astronomically rising crime rates and increased terrorist threat…
      The Western governments have purposely set us up for disaster by letting them flood in to begin with. Trying to fix the problem now is about like trying to stop the spread of a deadly, contagious disease. They should be held accountable for what they’ve done and be forced to reverse it to whatever extent possible.

      • Right, so we turn off the welfare tap. Europe is cold, food is only available with a price tag on it at the shops. They will not fare well without welfare. Those that can find work are far more likely to see the light and lose their awful religion, because those are the more intelligent ones. Believe me, more intelligent ones do exist, I’ve met quite a few.

        There is a growing amount of evidence that the average intelligence of the migrants currently trying to get into Europe illegally is very low. Cologne was a good example. Here’s another story highlighting this from the other day:

        • I like the article you link us to. Cannot restrain a little
          Schadenfreude when a do-gooder gets his knock on the head.

          • liz

            Yes, the idiots!

        • liz

          You’re probably right that turning off the welfare tap would work – if only there were politicians with the spine to do it. They no longer exist.
          And yes, in addition to burdening our economies and endangering our citizens, they are also guaranteeing that future generations will be even dumber than they are now!

  • liz

    Yes, “deportation on a mass scale” is the only solution. Instead, we are getting importation on a mass scale, with no end in sight.
    But of course, with leftists in charge, what else would you expect? Their standard operating procedure is to create a problem, then pretend to “resolve” the problem by doing more of the same thing, thereby making the problem worse.