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Much can be said against Donald Trump. And much is said against him.

But what if he is the force – the only force on the horizon – that can and will smash “political correctness”? And ISIS? And keep savage Islam from any further invasion of America? And restore the borders?

Roger L. Simon looks on the bright side of a Trump presidency, writing at PJ Media:

Now that Donald Trump has wiped the floor yet again with the other Republican candidates in the Nevada caucuses, it’s time for the GOP to face reality — barring force majeure, they have a presidential candidate, like it or not. The so-called establishment has a choice: Get on the Trump bandwagon or try some desperate maneuver to stop him. But what would that be? A Rubio-Cruz ticket, assuming they would do it?  At the time of this writing, the two men added together don’t equal the Trump vote in Nevada — and that’s even assuming their voters would hold, which is a risky assumption, given the current momentum. I mean — Donald won 46% of the Hispanics!  Enough already.

A lot of my Republican friends are depressed about this situation. They worry that Trump is not a real conservative.  They cringe at his vulgarity. They are concerned he’s a bully, even totalitarian. I’m not.  And  I am not depressed, even though I admire many of the other candidates in the race.  Given the gravity of the situation, what Obama has done to this nation and the candidates being offered by the Democrats, a world class liar and a Eugene V. Debs retread, a personality as large as Donald may be necessary to revive our country. In fact, I think I’ll take the “may” out of that.

This is what I think the electorate senses and what the Republican establishment fears. Rather than being afraid that Donald will lose, many establishment folks, I suspect, are afraid he will win.  It will not be business as usual and most human beings seek business as usual, especially successful ones. What, for example, is more conventional and unchanging than the Democratic Party?  They have patented stasis under meaningless junk terms like “liberal” and “progressive”.  Nothing ever changes.  Republicans are at risk of doing the same thing with the word “conservative”.  If I hear another candidate claim to be the most “conservative”, I think I’ll bang my head against the table.  I can’t be the only one who feels that way.

So if I were a member of the Establishment, whatever that is, I would quit bellyaching, embrace Donald and make him my friend.  He’s ready and willing.  If you bother to check that ultimate news source the Daily Mail, you’d see that already he is hobnobbing with such Republican stalwarts as Rudy Giuliani, Arthur Laffer and Steve Moore. Unless I missed it, I didn’t notice the article mentioning David Axelrod or James Carville.

And listen to what Trump is actually saying.  He’s for lower taxes and a strong defense and he’s not really against free trade.  He just wants a better deal.  Who wouldn’t and who wouldn’t assume he’d  get a better one than the Obama crowd?  Or the Bush crowd for that matter, on just about anything. He’s also pro-life, despite soreheads … screaming that Trump supports Planned Parenthood when he has said explicitly he does not support what they do on abortion, only on other women’s health issues. …

Don’t fight Donald.  Be smart, co-opt him.  Or, as we used to say, be there or be square.  Next November depends on it.

Arguments pro and con are invited.

(And please do follow the link to the Daily Mail article, which is worth reading.)

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  • Dan

    Donald Trump believes in Donald Trump, nothing more and nothing less. His ceaseless media promotion is way to get Hillary Clinton elected. If he secures Rep nomination, all the filth the media and Democrats have on him will be shown to the whole world.

    And if he nevertheless becomes elected, he will make deal, a YUGE deal. He will gladly abandon all his promises and sell his supporters, as he abandoned and sold everything else. If you support him, you deserve everything you will get.

  • Mike

    IF Trump doesn’t win, look for a real Revolution to happen. It is no joke.

    • Azgael

      ill believe it when i see, so far all i see are spineless americans more afraid of their own shadows.

      • Mike

        And who the hell are you? My experieince is that cowards like you call others spineless. It’s called projection and is a sign of a deeply disturbed individual.

        • Azgael

          the only cowards are those who took revolution off the table and only rely on idiotic notions of voting for a single man to change the entire corrupt apparatus in DC that is 100% against the american people in every way, the only cowards are those who believe a article 5 convention of states will do anything when the crooks in DC do not follow the current laws and constitution and think that changing or adding laws will change that.

          i keep saying revolution IS THE ONLY WAY to save america from becoming a 3rd world hell hole like North Korea or Cuba.

          so yes they are cowards, afraid to risk anything but keep whining about things, they are an insult to those WHO DID RISK everything in 1776.

          the only deeply disturbed individual is you who would personally insult someone when i did not attack you at all. Seek anger management help.

          • Mike

            You dirt bag you. I didn’t even bother to read your whole rant because it is totally irrationaly. You create an issue out of thin air and then go off on a tangent to make some sort of confused non sequitar. Whoever you are, you are certainly a foul coward as you started this attack and cowards like you are always the little metrosexual effiminates who are really tough with their mouths but a real pussy when it comes to facing a man. Go back into your hole you foul troll.
            Now piss off and go bother someone else you worm.

            • Azgael

              ok precious snowflake, go to your safe space now

  • Cogito

    Trump not only understands the Islamic threat to our way of life, and is exploding political correctness, but he cannot be bought by special interests!

  • liz

    If Trump has the momentum to win, I’m all for him. At this point he looks like an irresistible force – unbeatable! That’s worth enough to make his ‘gray areas’ pale to insignificance. I’m not going to be picky. Even if he only does half of what he’s promising, it will still be nirvana compared to the last eight years.

  • Twelvis

    Good job, Roger L. Simon! I like your disgust with (i.e., I empathize with) the terms ‘progressive’, ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ and the way they’re abused today. One thing I have to correct you on, as an alumnus of the U.S. Navy, is your use of this oft-repeated, ubiquitously misquoted phrase “Be there, or be square.” Our motto was: “Be there. Be square.” Which is to say, “show up promptly, AND (not OR) be squared-away.” (i.e., a squared-away sailor).
    To my fellow Republicans and other loyal Americans: Now hear this — on election day, be there, be square. Vote for the Republican nominee, whoever he or she is. That is all.

    • liz

      Thanks for the interesting history on “be there (or) be square”! I think it works well both ways. And I agree, all should vote for whoever the nominee is.

    • Thanks, Twelvis! Glad to know the right expression, and its origin.

    • Also, we are VERY glad to know we have a reader who is “an alumnus of the U.S. Navy”.