Idiotic promises (or the bs of BS) 3

Here’s an excellent discussion of the idiocies that pass for “socialist economics”, by Peter Schiff, who describes himself – to our pleasure – as a “Godless Conservative Libertarian”.

The video is published today as a warning to Bernie Sanders voters.


(Hat-tip to our Facebook reader Chris Spellman)

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  • liz

    Proof that Sanders voters (just like Obama voters) are on the intellectual level of adult believers in Santa Claus.

    • Azgael

      WHAT!!! santa is not real? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i need my safe space now /sarc

  • Yikes! Jillian, ya popped-up on my FB page again.
    Pickin’ Capitalism over Communism ’tis akin to choosin’ one religion over the other, both a simply apes hooting,

    but when you consider that Our FACTUAL Father is Pond Scum, well…

    what does Pond Scum’s creation

    expect from Pond Scum’s invention?