Why the Trump phenomenon is important 35

We have had three emails about the article we quoted yesterday (see the post immediately below). Two of the three agreed with it.

We quote what Alexander Firestone wrote, with his permission:

This is a very impressive article and is almost certainly a correct analysis.

When Obama was first elected in 2008 both House and Senate went democratic with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid running the show there. That situation allowed passage of Obamacare among other vile things. Two years later both houses went Republican with John Boehner elected as speaker.

Rank-and-file republicans expected John Boehner to be the principal voice of the opposition to Obama’s lunatic ideas and policies. That was his job. But he did nothing. No one ever heard his voice. I defy anyone to name a single issue or a single bill in which Boehner told the White House to go to hell and got it thru. 

Six years utterly wasted and Obama more-or-less given a blank check.

That’s what’s wrong with the Republican establishment.

For six years the Republican Party establishment did nothing to oppose the systematic dismantling of this country by the Obama administration, from the “reset” with the former Soviet Union to the abandonment of Poland, the Czech Republic, the UK, NATO, the Ukraine, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, India, et al.; to the attempted embrace of Iran, China and North Korea; to the disasters of Libya, Iraq and Syria; to the abandonment of American Veterans thru the corrupt VA; to insane quantitative easing; to multi-trillion dollar deficits, and the transfer of trillions of dollars from American savers to banks and Wall Street operators; to IRS scandals and the corruption of the Justice Department under Holder and now Lynch; to the systematic dismantling of the US Navy; to the release of hundreds of terrorists from Gitmo to resume their activities unimpeded, etc., etc. The list can be expanded ad nauseam if not ad infinitum.

Did anyone hear even a squeak from Boehner?

No. And that’s why the Republican establishment has been thoroughly discredited in the eyes of the rank-and-file, blue collar workers (both democrat and republican), conservatives with and without religious or social agendas, and the millions of hard-working Americans who feel betrayed by our elites.

Yes, the Obama administration and the liberals are the enemies of this country, but the supposed opposition did nothing to oppose any of this because, as this article makes clear, they were paid off by the left to just go along.

That’s why the Trump phenomenon is so impressive and so very important.

Now it is the personalities that matter. Specific issues, programs, etc., have become irrelevant. Quoting some old speech by Trump, or Cruz or even Hillary is of no importance and will change nothing.

Hillary is corruption incarnate.

Trump is the anti-corrupt Washington candidate, and he owns that role.

That’s what it all boils down to. All else has become irrelevant, and one is morally obligated to come down on one side or the other. There are NO other options. Carping at something Trump once said doesn’t help at all.

We concur. The enormous popularity of Trump is a rebellion against the deep corruption in the centers of power.

It is a sign of the health of America.

  • It cannot be assumed that all the votes now going to Cruz, Rubio and Kasich would go to just one of them if the other two dropped out. It is quite possible that some at least would go to Trump. And Trump is expanding the Republican Party. Tens of thousands of former Democratic Party voters have re-registered as Republicans and are voting for Trump (so I have read).

    Lighten up about Trump, Amygdalan and Dan. Take him seriously, of course – but laugh. He makes me laugh every time I listen to him.

  • Amygdalan

    Yes, Trump is GREAT, just watch this:

    • Too easy, this mockery. And many of the accusations are untrue.

      The David Duke/KKK smear is particularly vicious, and a lie.

      The Republican Party deserves to die.

      • disqus_J4w1rmcvFS

        This video is more sophisticated, mature, and intelligent than Trump. Have you not seen Trump at the debates and on interviews acting like a teenage idiot calling people names instread of engaging in intelligent discourse. Your criticism of this video is beyond hypocrisy.

        • Hypocrisy? What am I pretending?

          • disqus_J4w1rmcvFS

            What you accuse this video of, is exactly what Trump is. This is major hypocrisy.
            I am using a different computer and tried to link in with my Tweet account , but for some reason had trouble linking in this way. I was not trying to deceive, it is a computer issue. I am not young and not a computer geek, so somewhere I messed up linking in. Yes I am Amy G. Dalan.

            • Please look up the word “hypocrisy”. You clearly do not know what it means.

              What is your purpose in coming on to this site and insulting me?

            • disqus_J4w1rmcvFS

              Trump is an egomaniac. Trump is neither conservative nor an atheist. Trump is no different from Obama when it comes to ignoring the Constitution. Trump has promised he will ignore the Constitution by murdering the relatives of terrorists, start trade wars, prevent immgration based on religion, expelling tens of millions of people without legal procedings, etc, etc.

              Exactly what policy position of Trump does the atheistconservative support? In all the support of Trump by this site, I have seen no specific policy expressed to support Trump. Why?

              Trump has taken every position on every issue, because Trump has no policy positions, Trump only supports Trump.

              Trump has given more money and support to liberals, e.g.Hillary, than conservatives.

              Trump has supported government health insurance, Planned
              Parenthood, and many liberal policies.

              The ONLY presidential candidate who was and is an atheist and conservative is Rand Paul. So why doesn’t and didn’t the atheist conservative support Rand Paul?

              When I think who is the most opposite of all Republican candidates to an atheist conservative, it is Trump.

            • “The party is cracking up. It’s the establishment and the check writers versus the working class in America. In this fight for the soul of the party, I will stand proudly with the workers … ”


            • disqus_J4w1rmcvFS

              Trump is a rich oligarch, he is no worker. Trump takes advantage of workers all time. Trump has never been a worker.Trump was born into privaledge and money.

              Most importantly however his policies are against workers but you don’t seem to care about policies. Trump favors a trade war with China by imposing high tariffs. The result will be to raise the cost of cheap goods which the working class depends on.

              Again your words belie the FACTS.
              You are supposedly a conservative, but support the most liberal Republican candidate.
              You are supposedly an atheist, but you support someone who has declared his belief in God and quotes the Bible.
              You say you are for the working class, but you support the richest candidate who is a billionaire who has never had a job.

              You say I don’t understrand the word hypocrisy, but your position on Trump is the very definition of hypocrisy.

            • All candidates are Christians. Except Bernie. His religion is Communism. No atheist candidate will appear for many years, I guess. I have to overlook their religion.

              I do not say I am for the working class. I was quoting someone who says he stands with the workers. That is to say, the masses. (That’s democracy.) Against the elite, who are bought, to a man! For me the point is not being FOR, but being AGAINST.

              Because I am a conservative, I am disgusted with the betrayal of conservatism that the GOP establishment has consistently been guilty of for years now. I want them overthrown.

              I will accept either Trump or Cruz. Each has his pros and his cons. I think Rubio will be a president in the future. I actually now suspect that Rubio may be the best of the three. Knows most about foreign affairs. But doesn’t stand a chance – unless the GOP wangles it by wicked machinations.The popular will ought to decide the nomination. (And please stop the stupid Hitler comparisons!)

            • disqus_J4w1rmcvFS

              Well I agree that Rubio is my favorite also, but I would easily vote for Cruz, but never for Trump. The Republican nominee has not yet been selected, so why support Trump when you really want Rubio?

              Rand Paul is a conservative atheist. Paul was my favourite and if Trump is the nominee I will likely write in Paul.

              Trump is part of the elite, not the working class. He is a billionaire who was born into money and never was a worker. How can anyone consider Trump part of the working class? That is absurd.

              If you are a TRUE conservative how can you vote for Trump who is not a conservative, especially when everyone of his opponents are true conservatives?

            • Rand Paul is not an atheist. He is a Presbyterian. That is to say, a Calvinist. The worst of the Protestant sects – along with the Lutherans. And he is really bad on foreign affairs. Like his father, tends towards isolationism, though he doesn’t say so as openly as his pa does. How can you support a Calvinist? And he is not a conservative, he is a libertarian. How can you support a libertarian when you want a conservative? A most unimpressive person in every way. Not stupid, but very boring. He’s not even standing for the presidency any longer. It’s just absurd to go out and cast a vote for someone who’s not even standing. “Writing him in” is just a waste of a vote. You may as well just stay home and tell everyone you know by email how they should and should not vote. Shout at them through the ether. Relentlessly.

            • About Trump and conservatism:

              Trump has just said that “nobody’s more conservative” than he is on the military, the decent treatment of veterans, education (abolish Common Core), repealing Obamacare, and one or two other things. And he is. (On other things, maybe not so much.)

            • disqus_J4w1rmcvFS

              Trump has said a lot, but exactly what is his policy toward anything? What exactly does he mean by any of this? He has also said he wants to murder the families of terrorists, he wants government run health care, he will base immigration on religion, he will start trade wars, etc. Saying you are conservative without listing your actual policy positions is meaningless. It is hope and change, not reality, and we have had that for the past seven years. I know exactly what Cruz and Rubio will do because they have described it and because they both have a long history of conservatism. Trump’s conservativeness is very recent, so why should I believe anything he says?. He has said just the opposite just six months ago.

            • He did not say he “wants to murder the families of terrorists”. He said the families of the 9/11 murderers should not have been shipped out of the country without being questioned. He also seems to hint that if he could destroy the nests of terrorists and they’re using their families as shields, he would not hold his hand. I agree with him.

              He wants to ban Muslim immigration “temporarily”. I’d like it to be banned permanently.

              He wants to use water-boarding. I’d find it hard not to boil them in oil.

              Not trade wars. But protectionism. Tit for tat protectionism. I’m not in favor generally of that. But lots of voters are.

              It is NOT “hope and change”.

              Trump has come out with a health care plan. He does not want government-run heath care. The others talk in vague terms about their replacement for Obamacare.

              He has been a GOP supporter for years now. A great many people change their political opinions. Especially as they grow older. Why hold it against Trump that once he was more to the left than he is now? Which of us was not? Weren’t you in your youth? I was as an adolescent! Some take longer to see the light. Main thing is, he’s seen it. You make exaggerated accusations against him. I don’t understand why. It seems so YUGE a thing with you. Why? Are you on the side of the corrupt or at best indolent GOP establishment? Are you FOR corruption and indolence? Surely not!

              I don’t want to go on and on defending Trump. He has his faults, obviously. Your incredible insistence forces me to argue too much for him. I want him to build his Wall, to crush ISIS, to ban Muslim immigration, to abolish Common Core – above all to be AGAINST the CORRUPTION of the Washington establishment. That’s it. That’s enough. Why bang on about it? I’ve told you, you won’t change my mind. I doubt you will change anybody’s. Your accusations are too farfetched.

              If my vice is hypocrisy (though I still don’t see how), maybe yours is paranoia. Or bullying? Or both?

            • Amygdalan

              Trump claims that he has no controls on him. He has no PAC to follow or
              some rich donor to follow or any incomberance or dependence to obscure
              or effect his decisions. But I heard him say recently when questioned
              about the Arab-Isreal conflict that he was “neutral”. He would not favor
              one side or the other. This is totally opposite of all other Republican
              candidates who have all pledged full support for Israel.

              This policy position by
              Trump was very puzzling to me as it is contradicted his personal life,
              because no one has closer ties to Israel than Trump. His daughter and
              grandchildren are Orthodox Jews. So how or why
              would Trump ever take a neutral position on the Arab-Israel conflict?

              So I thought what or who is
              Trump? Trump is a billionaire business guy who makes his decision based
              on business. So I theorized, that that could really be the ONLY
              reason to explain this contradiction. So
              this AM, just a few seconds ago I googled “Trump investment in Arab
              world” and the following link came up as well as dozens more with the
              similar titles.


              Therefore, clearly my
              conclusion is the TRUTH. Trump’s main concern in life is his business
              and his business does a lot of business in the Arab/Muslim world so he
              cannot do anything to anger the Arabs or Muslims.
              So this very well explains why he takes a “neutral” position on the
              Arab-Israel conflict.

              However, the MOST
              troubling thing for voters is that he takes this business position that
              counters his own personal life, his own family.So why or how could Trump
              do anything different toward the voter, the citizen
              of the USA. If he values his business more than his family, he surely
              will value his business more than he values the citizen of the USA.

              What this also means is
              that Trump has a stronger control over him than any of the
              other candidates. Trump does not have PAC’s or rich donor, he has his
              own business which is far stronger and greater limit on his
              actions than any PAC or donor would or could have.

              What this also means and proves, once again, is that Trump is a LIAR and a FRAUD.

            • Amygdalan

              You are WRONG.
              Here is says he want to murder the families of terrorists:


              Here is proof he wants to start a trade war:



              I will address the other issue at another time, I am working right now.

            • Amygdalan
            • Amygdalan

              Here is the TRUTH regarding Trump’s support of Democrats. It was not long ago and he has given more to Democrats than Republican.



  • Amygdalan

    Alex asks where was the Republican establishment for eight years of Obama, but where was Trump during this time. In 2012 Trump said and did
    the following:

    “Hillary Clinton I think is a terrific woman,” he (Trump) told Greta
    Van Susteren. “I am biased because I have known her for years. I live
    in New York. She lives in New York. I really like her and her husband
    both a lot. I think she really works hard. And I think, again, she’s
    given an agenda, it is not all of her, but I think she really works hard
    and I think she does a good job. I like her.

    And on Fox and Friends on Wednesday, Trump explained why he (Trump) donated to Clinton’s campaigns. “I’m a businessman. I contribute to everybody,” Trump said. “When I needed Hillary, she was there. If I say ‘go to my wedding,’ they go to my wedding.”

    On the other hand Cruz was actually doing something against Obama and the Republican establishment.

    Once in the Senate, Cruz wasted little time going after “the
    Washington cartel” — no matter if it antagonized his colleagues and
    supposed allies. Cruz saw his opening less than a year after winning his
    primary, when lawmakers were trying to sew up a year-end spending bill
    to keep the government open.

    Along with allied Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), Cruz launched a full-scale attack against president’s health-care reform law, known as Obamacare, which congressional Democrats passed in 2010.

    Another year, another spending bill Cruz rallied against. In December
    2014, Senate Republicans and Democrats were close to an agreement on a $1 trillion spending plan.

    But Cruz surprised his own colleagues by making an 11th-hour stand against the bill, demanding a vote to block another of Obama’s initiatives: His immigration plan.

    It was a Friday night, and the spending bill vote was scheduled for
    Monday. Senate leaders had already gone home; some were on trains and
    planes back to their districts for the weekend when Cruz took to the
    Senate floor and demanded lawmakers go on-record for or against Obama’s executive actions to defer deportation of some 5 million undocumented immigrants.

    Another year, another spending bill showdown. (Sensing a pattern
    here?) This time around, the Senate was voting on a short-term spending
    bill in September to keep the government funded while party leaders
    negotiated a longer one.

    At issue was the funding of women’s health-care nonprofit Planned Parenthood, which was facing conservative ire after an anti-abortion group released videos of Planned Parenthood officials talking in cavalier tones about the procurement of fetal tissue for medical research. (Planned Parenthood officials apologized for their tone but maintain they did nothing wrong.) The whole debate threatened to shut down the government until Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) suddenly announced his retirement.

    The point is Trump did NOTHING to fight the Republican establishment, Trump in fact during this time supported Hillary. Yet there was someone who fought the Republican establishment every day he was and is in office, and that was and is Ted Cruz

    • Thank you for this.

      I too admire everything you list about Ted Cruz. (I only squirm when he talks about his religion,)

      Unfortunately he is not the Republican front-runner.

      There is a popular uprising against the corrupt Washington establishment and the indigent GOP leadership that Cruz also despises and challenges.

      It would be fine if its leader were Ted Cruz.

      But it isn’t. It’s Donald Trump.

      And so it is nothing short of insane – suicidal – that so many Republicans are bad-mouthing their own front-runner, who commands such enormous popular support.

      • disqus_J4w1rmcvFS

        Trump is neither atheist nor a conservative, so how can you support him?. At least Cruz is a conservative. Front-runner is just that, Trump is not yet the winner. If you now supported the true conservative at this time, he could win.

        • No chance. Though we sure are flattered that you think all that Cruz needs to win is our support!

          It is TRUMP who is attracting VAST CROWDS of voters who are FURIOUS with the Republican Party and the corruption of successive governments.

          This movement is historical. It is much bigger than the Tea Party, or the evil little Occupy movement, or the Obama-stirred up Black Lives Matter movement. This is a genuine grassroots REBELLION.

          It is a turning point. It is the new, happening under your eyes. Stop grizzling and “get with it”. It is good. The ruling elites need to meet their nemesis.

          Open your eyes and SEE.

          • disqus_J4w1rmcvFS

            70% of Republicans vote against Trump. That is no where near a majority. Trump is only leading because four others are splitting the 70%. If it were Trump against any one of the others he would lose big. The polls all support this. What is even worse is that Trump does worse against Hillary than most other Republican candidates.

            • You have your absolutely reliable sources? Wonderful. I don’t have access to the same. The poll results I’ve seen are quite different. In any case, polls can actually be wrong. Let’s wait and see who the nominee will be.

          • liz

            Yes, I think when the Tea Party proved ineffective at deposing Obama in 2012, it became bottled up rage that is now bursting out in a tsunami that Trump somehow managed to harness. I would prefer it were Cruz, but I’ll take Trump if he’s the one with the momentum.
            Someone has to get enough votes to be the undisputed nominee so the RNC can’t pick their own guy instead. I hope republicans don’t make the stupid mistake again of refusing to vote at all if it’s not their guy running.

            • Azgael

              1 BIG problem tho, under the constitution and originalists, he is not natural born.

              I find the hypocrisy on par with leftists those who proclaim to be constitutionalists and then throw it out the window for their guy.

  • liz

    I agree that the reason for Trumps popularity is “rebellion against the deep corruption in the centers of power”, and if he wins the nomination I’ll still vote for him over any damn socialist, but what he will actually do as President is very scarily a huge ‘unknown’.
    He does not have a consistent record, and does have an enormous amount of highly questionable baggage – i.e., involvement in corruption. Can a corrupt businessman make an incorruptible politician? I highly doubt it.
    I know Ted Cruz has also been accused of dishonesty, but at least he does have a record of fighting the corrupt system.

  • Dan

    The enormous popularity of the wannabe Moussolini pushed by all liberal media, is a rebellion against common sense and all that made America American. If serious, it is a sign of American impeding demise.

    But why not? It is better to live one day as a clown than hundred years as boring square.


  • Azgael

    the blame is not entirely on th GOPe, the cowardly, dumb GOP voters are also to blame for re-electing these traitors and the overall voters also to blame for their stupidity and cowardice.

    Trump is 1 man, congress will oppose him at every turn on everything and they WILL Impeach him the first chance they get, not to mention the GOPe would rather have hilary as POTUS than trump…

    No the ONLY way to restore the USA to its founding principles is a armed revolution, starting with around 500 congressional executions for treason, that should only be the start, by the end DC streets should be flowing with the blood (figuratively or not ) of the traitors (which is most of the people in DC).

    • Mike

      Aren’t you the same whacko who heavily criticized me for mentioning revolution? You are a nutcase for sure.

    • Dan

      Do not despair. Have patience. You seem to be about 12 years old, if things stay the same, you will live to see rivers of blood and your head will be added to the pyramids of skulls.