Islamic science 7

Let’s laugh while we may.

When Islam rules the West, everyone will believe this or else:

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  • Never mind the astronomy department, its what goes on at the Islamic waterworks that worries me:

    Sunan Abu Dawud 67–I heard that the people asked the Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him): Water is brought for you from the well of Buda’ah. It is a well in which dead dogs, menstrual cloths and excrement of people are thrown. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) replied: Verily water is pure and is not defiled by anything.

    • Thanks, Chauncey Tinker.

      Such a good well – it would have killed off a lot of them.

    • liz

      No wonder these people like to drink camel piss! It couldn’t be much worse than that!

      • The problem is, we haven’t got enough camels to meet these requirements in the UK.

        • liz

          Well, here’s an idea – create some wells like the “well of Buda-ah”. (Your local sewer would work!) Then require all Muslims to drink from them based on Mohammed’s decree in Sunan Abu Dawud, which declares it clean.
          They’d have to drink it to prove Mohammed right, or die trying!

  • liz

    Yes, the silly westerners, who INVENTED the planes that you idiots fly into buildings, can’t figure out that if the earth was turning they’d never make it to China!
    So obviously you, who never had the IQ to invent SQUAT, know better!

  • This guy needs to climb back on the front of his Cocoa Puffs box before breakfast.