The pre-school education of Muslim children 1

Woolly animals. Children love them. Grown-ups give them to children to cuddle. And learn to care for real animals.

Except in Islam. Muslim grown-ups give them to children so they can learn to saw their heads off. Preparing them to do the same to real people.


Posted under education, Islam, jihad, middle east, Muslims by Jillian Becker on Saturday, March 5, 2016

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  • liz

    More proof that it isn’t the backwards barbarians who follow Islam that transform it from a “religion of peace” to a violent death cult. – It is Islam itself, into which it’s followers are indoctrinated, that transforms THEM from peaceful to violent.
    It all traces back to the intent of the religion’s founder. Moses theme – the law, justice. Christ’s theme – grace, forgiveness. Mohammed’s theme? Kill infidels!!!