A low dishonest woman 19

Hillary Clinton is not a person who deserves respect or esteem.

She caused immeasurable harm as Secretary of State. Untold numbers of people in the fragile societies of North Africa and the Middle East have been uprooted, tortured, raped, enslaved, and killed in many atrocious ways as a result of policies which she insisted on. In the case of Libya, both the CIA and the Pentagon advised the Obama administration against bombing the country, but bombed it was, because she got her way. As a result, Libya is in chaos, and four Americans, including a US ambassador, were murdered there, in Benghazi. She could have sent help to them, but chose not to.

Then she lied about what had happened, and goes on lying about it.

A liar and cheat she has been throughout her public career, but surely sank to her lowest when she not only lied to the families of the dead men about what had happened in Benghazi, but repeats over and over again that THEY are lying when they all, separately, relate the lie she told them.  The same lie, and a very silly one. That some residents of Benghazi, who had not liked what they had heard about an obscure video made by an American, expressed their hurt feelings by setting out on a  peaceful protest which turned suddenly, at the gates of the US mission, into a murderous onslaught, miraculously equipped with an arsenal of light and heavy arms. She promised them – each of them in separate conversations – that that wicked video-maker would be punished for it.

The story is outrageously stupid and unbelievable. A plain lie. And she told it not only to the grieving relatives, but to the whole world on television. Other members of the administration, including Obama himself at the United Nations, repeated the same idiotic tale, to all the world through the media.

But she says she did not say it. Never did. “Absolutely” not.

And so she brands the bereaved as liars! She tells the world that they are lying. Oh, she simpers that she does not blame them for “misremembering what she said to them. She understands their grief, which made them misremember. She feels for them. But they are lying.

She is a low, dishonest, despicable human being

… and millions of Americans want her to be their President! 


Watch and hear two lying hypocrites, and weep!

Posted under Commentary, Libya by Jillian Becker on Friday, March 11, 2016

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  • Howler63

    I simply do not understand the people who support her. I mean, I get why they support her, she’s a woman, but I don’t understand that line of thinking. Electing someone based on their plumbing is like electing someone based on, say, the color of their skin. Ridiculous.

    • liz

      The level of complete idiocy is alarming and depressing. Even after nearly eight years of utter disaster as a result of that line of thinking, the same people are ready to do it again!

  • liz

    Good description of both Hillary and Obama – low, dishonest, despicable human beings; lying hypocrites.
    Pretty much fits everyone else in this administration as well.
    Whether Leftism attracts such people, or creates them – you definitely will not find a leftist lacking those qualities.

  • Azgael

    Hilary MUST become POTUS to save america. Trump will only be a 4-8 year band aid, electing hilary POTUS is absolutely necessary to save america, in fact, it might be the ONLY way to save america.

    • liz

      Because people will finally get fed up and revolt? After nearly eight years of Obama, and no revolt, I wouldn’t count on it. More likely is, the number of citizens, immigrants, and refugees dependent on government will increase hugely, and destroy any chance of reversing the tide. Democrats will rule in perpetuity.

      • Azgael

        that is the hope, that they will revolt, we are seeing how far the corruption is in DC thanks to Trump, when the GOPe rather have hilary as POTUS than trump… no elections will ever get rid of the corruption in DC. And the fact that the dems do not care about the criminality of hilary…only a extremely bloody revolution can save the USA

        • liz

          Yes, the corruption and criminality is probably terminal, but I think a revolution would only make things worse. The forces that are already at work to destroy us would take advantage of the chaos and take over after the collapse. We’d end up in a totalitarian police state.

          • Azgael

            america is already in a totalitarian police state, not trying is admiting defeat, the odds were against them in 1776 and yet they prevailed

            • Are you out in the streets attacking lefties? What weapons are you using? Have many followers? Ready to go to prison?

            • liz

              Right – we have the example of the Bundys and Lavoy Finicum in Oregon. Before that Waco and Ruby Ridge. Then there was that bunch that tried to get everyone to rally at the Capitol a few years ago -nobody showed up.

    • ???

      • Azgael

        hilary POTUS- people get more angry and revolt

        • No. Almost nobody will. That’s a forlorn hope.

          We’re already too far gone for that. The vast majority of this once-great nation care far more for who the Kardashians are schtupping this week and who is the best bet to win the next Super Bowl than anything political. The lure of Free Shit has already won over about half of the population. It’s too late. There will be no revolt. There will only be the continued decline.

          I wish I could be more optimistic, but I can’t. There’s a Caesar in our near future.

          • Azgael

            only way we can truly know is if hildabeast become potus if americans still have some fight left in them…if not, america long with western civilization and the human species is finished

        • I don’t want blood on the streets, but I do think if Hillary gets elected some of the enormous numbers who want anti-corruptionTrump may come to feel there is no alternative but force. Last night, March 11, there was a riot in Chicago when the lefty MoveOn organization, financed by George Soros, shut down a Trump rally. Such small incidents of violence as there were, were probably carried out by a few of the lefties (?). But the Trump people could start hitting back. It could come to blood.

          • Azgael

            Jillian the time for blood in the streets is not when your about t enter the gas chambers or in front of the firing squads controlled by the left, it is when we can beat them, get it through your head, THEY WILL KILL YOU if you do not join they ideology, you do not fight back with words, it simple either their blood flows in the streets or ours, i prefer it be their, guess you prefer it be ours.

            • I’s prefer it to be ours? What a weird thing to say, Azgael!

            • Azgael

              Jillian, blood will flow on the streets either way, you know how communist/socialists do things when they seize power, we have a choice its either ours or theirs. THEY are the first ones being Violent, we need to respond in kind.

            • As I asked you (lower down): Are you out in the streets attacking lefties? What weapons are you using? Have many followers? Ready to go to prison?