Hillary Clinton: a career criminal 2

Every time we post something against Hillary Clinton on our Facebook page, some commenter pounces on us with the declaration, “Nothing against her has ever been proved.”

Much against her has been proved. The scandal is that she has not been subject to condign punishment, as any other citizen would have been for any one of the same crimes.

This video, titled Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal, only skims the surface of the ugly story of Hillary Clinton’s crimes, deceptions, and corruption.

Posted under Crime, United States by Jillian Becker on Sunday, March 27, 2016

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  • Duke of Hazzard

    There is no point in logical discourse with Clintonbots. Doing so only results in frustration. The dogma is too strong with them, as she has a vagina, so she can do no wrong. Hillary is a victim of the patriarchy, poor thing.

  • liz

    That’s right – much HAS been proven, she has just never been held accountable for it.
    She gets a free pass because she’s doing it all for a “higher cause”.
    As long as you’re a leftist working for the “revolution”, you can pretty much do anything and it’s justified. Bill Ayres bombed buildings and he’s now brainwashing college students and mentoring the president, fore Pete’s sake! Nothing to see here…