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Muslims march in Germany, chanting “With Allah’s help we will conquer you!”

Watch the Third World marching in – and on – a demoralized First World:

Blatant hypocrisy is on full display, along with the menace. The law they are equal under is German law. But they want to replace it with sharia, under which women and non-Muslims are not treated equally with Muslim men.

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  • Sadiq Khan, Muslim London Labour (leftie) mayoral candidate who may well actually become Mayor of London (he’s ahead in the polls) says that the EU should not be a Christian club.


    More specifically what he’s saying here is that we have to accept Turkey’s accession to the EU. Who would have thought it, a Muslim calling for more Muslims to be allowed into the EU. A quote from the full doc:

    “British Muslims have the potential to shape and influence international debates about how to combine national identity and religious affiliation, and about Muslim engagement and support for democracy.”

    I am reminded of those Muslims with placards shouting “Democracy go to Hell”, “Freedom go to Hell”. Those Muslims in the video you link to also seem to have a really good grasp of national identity and religious affiliation.

    • “I did not come into Parliament to be a Muslim MP. And I have never held myself out as a Muslim spokesperson or community leader.”

      Thus Sadiq Khan begins a chapter entitled “Introduction: How to reconnect with British Muslims”

      The thing you can always rely upon when a Muslim politician is speaking is that the word Muslim will appear in almost every sentence, including in sentences where they are denying that being a Muslim is the most important thing in their lives. The number of incidences of the word Muslim in this doc is truly staggering, including this sentence:

      “There is a tendency, particularly in the British media, to discuss Muslim views as entirely separate from those of the broader society.”

      He wants us to reconnect with British Muslims, as if we are currently disconnected. We are not, but soon we will be, because there is only so much Muslim this Muslim that endless balderdash that we can really take.

      • liz

        Reminds me of Hillary Clinton’s supporters supposing that being a woman qualifies her for being president, or Obama’s supposing that being black qualifies him. If this is considered a “qualification” by voters, it’s no wonder we end up with a Communist radical Muslim in the White House.

      • As we have written many times on this website, Britain (like all western European states) won’t have to wait until a majority of the electorate are Muslim – which will happen this century. Long before that, the Muslim vote will count decisively, especially with the lefty Labour Party – and especially with Corbyn’s far-lefty Labour Party. If Britons do not awake and put on their woad (figuratively speaking) and go into battle (not necessarily figuratively speaking), they will be under sharia law within thirty years. Thanks largely to the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams – Jeremy Corbyn’s Siamese twin separated at birth – sharia was allowed to be established as a parallel system. But sharia brooks no parallels. Islam is totalitarian – and supremacist. Once it rules, Britons who do not convert will be dhimmis. From then on, Britons ever, ever, ever shall be slaves. Unless they are prepared to fight Islam in every possible way until they win. No sign of that as yet!

        • They have already brought about several changes to our laws, I’m planning to write a series of posts about that. If this is happening at only 3-10% (3% is the official) of the population, then indeed things will be very difficult a long time before they reach a majority.

          • Please provide us with links to articles you write on Muslim-induced changes to British law.

  • It seems Germany might be beginning to come to its senses, with the
    rise of Frauke Petry. Almost universally vilified and dismissed as
    “far right” in our media so far, AfD made their best gains yet recently:


    • liz

      Interesting article. Such a sad illustration of our times that politicians like her are portrayed as “extreme”, “far right”, and “Nazi”, while Merkel and her ilk are portrayed as “”centrist” and standing for “decency”. What a joke.
      The left isn’t going to give up the power it has (illegitimately) won without an all out smear assault on the opposition, which unfortunately tends to work.

  • Good spot. Are these guys hiding in plain sight or what?

  • liz

    Well, it’s pointless to say “I told you so”, but what else can you say in response to such a predictable outcome? Just as predictable as the rise in disease and crime that their presence has caused is the rise in ignorance and stupidity, which manifests itself most prominently in their rejection of civilization and democracy in favor of barbaric religious totalitarianism. What a great contribution to the fabric of civilized society!
    But if you don’t pretend to like it, you’re racist! And where did they learn that, you might wonder? From the great intellectual “geniuses” now controlling our destinies, who are orchestrating our destruction by way of this invasion.

    • Are they really “orchestrating” our destruction though? Or, are they maybe just so trapped within their own straitjackets of “politically correct” thought that they just dare not look truth in the eye? I really cannot begin to understand how the lefties would be deliberately orchestrating their own destruction. As the leaders of LGBT movements and so forth, they will surely be the first to be led towards the top of the tower block, as the baying mob waits below…

      Like Sun Tzu said, know thine enemy. The enemy may not be as strong as it looks…

      • liz

        Yes, I really think they are. As with the “environmental” movement, for example – it’s quite well documented that the whole thing has been a planned strategy (Agenda 21, etc.), the purpose of which they themselves have been caught admitting is to destroy capitalism and establish centralized, socialist government control – eventually a global government.
        So do you think it’s just random chance that another politically correct idea being pushed for the last decades in the leftist dominated media and education, “multiculturalism”, just “happened” to coincide with the growing surge of Muslim immigration during the same period? I think not.
        It’s a strategy being played out by the left since the “long march through the institutions”proposed by Gramsci began. They aren’t orchestrating THEIR destruction, just everyone else’s, who they intend to end up in control of.

        • Well I’m sure you’re right in that the left’s agenda is indeed to obtain socialist power at all costs, truth is subverted. Perhaps they would manage to suppress Islam eventually if it became too threatening to that power.

          • liz

            I guess they think they can – pretty risky assumption, though.
            Maybe they’re calculating that the economy crashing will coincide with the impending civil war, and make the imposition of a police state seem like a welcome relief. The success of the “Cloward – Piven” strategy!

            • Risky indeed, that’s the stupidity of the thing.

              I’d not heard of this “Cloward – Piven” strategy these lefties really are loonies.

            • liz

              Jillian has written about it, look in the archives here.
              And you’re right – they are loony. Also, while I do think the very top level are orchestrating things, you’re probably right that, in the case of the vast majority of leftists, it’s just a mentality of sheep that “dare not look truth in the eye”.

    • matt

      “But if you don’t pretend to like it, you’re “racist”! And where did these barbarians learn that politically correct trope, you might wonder? From the originators of the term, of course – the great Progressive intellectual “geniuses” now controlling our destinies, who are orchestrating our destruction by way of this invasion”

      Very well said. The term “racist” can mean anything they want it to be. Anyone can be a racist depending on how the term is defined.

      • liz

        Right. It’s just like the labels of “fascist” and “Nazi”, which are now automatically applied to anyone right of a leftist.