Trump the avenger? 22

Of course both Trump and Cruz followers want passionately for the Left to be defeated in November 2016. But the defeat of Hillary and the Democratic Party, though it would be enormously satisfying to both factions, would not be enough for Trump voters. They want more. And that “more” is  revenge.

So we deduce from watching them and listening to them through the media.

We understand feelingly why that might be. The harm Obama and his gang have done to America and the world will take decades to repair, maybe even centuries. Europe will probably never recover from the Islamic invasion unleashed upon it by the devastating policies of the Obama regime towards Islam and the Middle East.

Whereas Cruz voters may be content with an election victory, Trump voters will also want Hillary in prison for a long stretch; Islam crushed; and, in as short a time as possible, Obama condemned by “history”.

Those who share that ache for revenge, will understand why all the reasons that anti-Trump conservatives pour out for not supporting Trump, fall on deaf ears.  

Michael Dansen writes at Truth Revolt:

Donald Trump is … a healthy antibody reaction to Obamaism … In a country that does not historically gravitate towards extremism at the highest levels of political office, he may be the medicine we need in order to even things out. Yes, the treatment may be harsh, but the patient is very sick.

In the words of the late, great Andrew Breitbart, if someone calls you a racist or a bigot, “Walk towards that fire.” A Trump presidency will prove that you can say things that are unflattering – but sometimes true – about preferred victim groups and the world will not come to an end. We will not re-introduce slavery. We will not become The Third Reich. We will not legalize rape. We will not make birth control illegal. There will be no reconstitution of Jim Crow. Those days are gone and good riddance.

The Right needs to learn to bring a knife, at the very least, to a knife fight. George W. Bush, who had this CRAZY notion that a country should use its military to kill its enemies, was destroyed over Iraq because he didn’t want to “lower himself” by responding to his critics. When called a “misleader” [read: “liar”] by the DNC in a July 2003 television ad over prewar intel, Karl Rove decided not to bring up the fact that WMD stockpiles actually were uncovered in Iraq.

Trump is always on offense and he’s a tougher target. Over-the-top Democrat attacks on Trump only help his cause. They’re having the same effect as protestors crashing Trump rallies – they make more people sympathetic to his campaign.

The Right also needs to push back against the Left’s specious income inequality arguments and their demonization of the wealthy. Democrats have been offering free stuff from rich people for 50 years. Not surprisingly, this is seductive and appealing. Rich people pay the OVERWHELMING majority of taxes in this country, but Dems still demand that they need to pay their “fair share”. Trump can be counted on to question and reject their premises – which is a major reason that progressives loathe the man with the white hot heat of a thousand suns.

As for Trump’s promised, controversial wall:

First, it is not a 2,000 mile wall. It will be built in certain sections which are the sites most common for illegal ingress.

Second, the U.S. has levers to elevate the Mexican government’s thinking on the subject of who pays for what – namely, foreign aid and impounding remittances.

Third, it’s a sordid situation indeed that Mexico City provides instructions to their citizens on how to subvert U.S. law, offers their consulates in the U.S. to help carry this out, and then calls us racists for noticing this. That Trump is controversial for being against de facto indentured servitude that’s incompatible with the melting pot ideal is the real controversy.

To opponents who hold to the “we are a nation of immigrants” school of thought: there is no limiting principle to that line of thinking and it is essentially an open borders argument. The idea that anybody who can physically get here deserves to remain here is absurd – even more so as we continue to build up the welfare state. We need more citizens who are contributing to the tax rolls, not who are net takers from them. America has traditionally gone through periods of opening the borders up through controlled, legal immigration from overseas and going through periods of assimilation and “insularity”.

We also had a common culture that was at first at least suspecting of the Dutch, Anglicans [sic] [he may mean Anglophones – ed], Germans, Catholics, the Irish, Italians, Jews, Greeks, etc. This was healthy as it winnowed the field of those who had what it took to be full-fledged American citizens and those who couldn’t quite hack it.

We’re not in unqualified agreement with that last paragraph. But we firmly agree with what he says next:

Do we have the right to prevent Muslims from entering our country after spasms of Islam-inspired terrorism? Yes.

He is implying that there is a sound reason to exclude Muslims. But his next point is that immigrants can be excluded for no sound reasons – even on whim only.

We also can prevent Congregationalists, left-handed people, towheads, Andorrans, etc. if that is the national course upon which we decide.

Because –

Immigration here is a privilege, not a right.

And so it is. It is the prerogative of the nation state to choose whom it will accept into its protection.

He returns to the Muslim question:

It will be a relief when we have a leader who does not say, after yet another Islamist atrocity, “First thing: get me to a mosque. I need to hug a Muslim and pronounce upon Koranic interpretations. The most important thing right now is not attending to our security concerns; it is stopping the bigoted, xenophobic, murderous impulse that lies just under the surface of our society!” …

And then he goes on to the Communist question (incidentally reminding us that from the start of the Cold War, Communists were denied immigration, or even a visitor’s visa to tour or study in the US).

For those who complain that there are some unsavory characters in Trump’s base, keep in mind that they may be scary but the left’s unsavory characters – in the media, academia, and the entertainment industry – are the inheritors of an ideology that has killed, according to The Black Book of Communism, 100 million people.

The outgoing president is also one of those unsavory inheritors. The electorate could not have made a worse choice other than an outright supporter of Islamic jihad … Oh, wait! …

  • jim becks

    Dear AC,

    I have the utmost respect and appreciation for your views and what you are doing. But I am perplexed over your Trumpiness.

    I’m sure you agree that Cruz is a better conservative, so are you liking Trump and building a case around him because Cruz is a hard core Christian?

    Personally, I go to the hold your nose and vote for the best conservative school. I am an atheist, but would rather have a Whacky Christian in the White House than a lot of other options. I consider Whacky Christian-ness to be annoying and disagreeable but not a show stopper – I don’t lie awake at night worrying about the Amish, as Harris would say.

    Help me feel OK with the fact that Trump is boorish, ill informed, ill tempered, egomaniacal, etc. Do we really want another Obama type head case, only one more ideologically amenable?

    • Azgael

      Cruz is establishment 100%, he worked for Bush 41 and worked on Bush 43 immigration policy, he hired jebbies staff after jeb pulled out, and he hired career criminal Neil Bush who cost US taxpayers 1.5 billion $. Cruz might not even be a US citizen, if his mother renounced her american citizenship before he was born to get canadian citizenship because back then canada did not allow dual citizenship then Cruz committed several felonies, not to mention he has not released his CRBA and has SEALED his records just like obama did, you only seal your records if you have something to hide. Cruz is as shady as obama is, is just as big a liar as him.

      • jim becks

        Still waiting for those Trump tax returns…
        Yes Cruz has a greasyness about him, he is a lawyer and a good one.
        But there is no doubt he is a Conservative. Look how he stood up to congress to fillabuster the Obamacare budget, totally pissing off all his colleagues who now hate his guts.

        • Azgael

          cruz is as conservative as obama is, and tax returns are no ones dam business, i could care less about any of the candidates tax returns, and look up kabuki theater, cruz is a fraud, he is faking all of this, he is the trojan horse, the GOPe knew about the anti-GOPe movement and cruz was tasked to suck up those voters and when the time came oops, turns out he is not natural born and jebby gets the nomination.

          read the dam articles, or are you afraid of the truth?

          • jim becks

            If you replaced “Cruz” with “Trump” in that paragraph, it would make some “damn” sense.

            • Azgael

              only fools and idiots think cruz is in anyway conservative

    • liz

      Jim – I agree, I don’t have a problem much with Cruz’s religiosity, and I like his stand for the principles of the Constitution. I don’t like Trump’s positions on much except stopping Muslim immigration.
      But, like I mentioned above, the important thing about Trump is the fact that he has the popular support and momentum to (possibly) beat the opposition. If he can get the nomination, I’ll vote for him. But if Cruz gets, it, I’ll vote for Cruz.
      I wish they’d unite as Pres/Vice Pres. and crush the opposition, but that isn’t about to happen. No, they’re just going to do the “circular firing squad” thing and give it to the next communist.

      • Azgael

        a vote for cruz is a vote for obamas 3rd term, they are the same kind of person, both are democrats

        • jim becks

          Huh? Do you see Hillary and Bill yucking it up in Cruz’s wedding photos?
          Did Cruz donate to like a hundred known liberals? Cruz is the bona fide conservative in this race, like him or not. That point is almost indisputable. As AC states it, Trump is the Anti-Establishment candidate and the momentum candidate – ie: the wrecking ball.
          If anti-establishment and wrecking ball are your priorities then he is your man. My concern is he is a clown candidate (what’s up with all the Twittering?) and we have no proof he will become presidential when they put that seal on his dais. Do we want someone who will open us up to mockery? At least Obama has the semblance of an intellect, even if his ideology is contemptible, so he doesn’t get mocked, only despised. Trump will be mocked. How does that help the cause?

          • liz

            It helps the cause if he beats the Democrat. How does it help the cause if the Democrats win? Sure, Cruz is the most conservative, but if he can’t get the delegates to win, what good does that do us?
            Trump may not be the best man for the job, but he’s the one with the best chance of beating the opposition. That’s what it boils down to – you can stick to your conservative principles and lose, or be willing to support the one with the best shot at it and win.
            No matter how bad Trump may be as president, he’ll still be 1000% better than a damn COMMUNIST, which is what we’ll be getting if we lose.

            • Azgael

              Cruz IS NOT CONSERVATIVE

            • liz

              Well neither is Trump. And it goes downhill from there.

            • jim becks

              What channel are you watching that makes you think Trump is more conservative than Cruz? If you want to say Cruz is more establishment, that might make sense. Trump has said nothing about reducing the size of federal government, tort reform, regulations, etc the hot button conservative issues other than immigration, where he is great.

            • Azgael

              Trump isnt here to fix anything but immigration and trade, he is the wrecking ball to destroy DC, if he is not POTUS or he turn into Benedict Arnold, the USA and all of civilization and possibly our species is done for.

            • jim becks

              Do you mean Cruz can’t win in the primary or the general? I don’t think there are any definitive polling numbers that say Trump is a better product in the general. The primary is still open, Kasich should get out but Cruz is still in, so if you think he is the better choice why not go that way? If he loses we will all line up behind the haircut and hope he somehow manages to channel Reagan through some miracle.
              I am not religious about any candidate. I would love to love Trump. But when you question him, most of his followers mostly want to rip your lungs out.

            • liz

              It looks to me like Cruz isn’t going to get enough delegates to be able to win the primary, so if that’s the case then all he’s doing by staying in is siphoning delegates away from Trump, like Kasich. Since Trump already has the lead, if those two got out now Trump could probably get enough delegates to win the primary and avoid a contested convention. If Cruz stays in it will be contested because no one will get the required amount of delegates, and I don’t think either Trump or Cruz would be nominated.

            • jim becks

              OK I see your logic. It is a shame to get behind a candidate that you don’t agree with or trust for solidarity sake at this stage with 300 delegate differential. Especially one as repugnant as the Donald. Possibly if they are close in delegate count, it could go to Cruz on a second or third ballot type thing, possibly because Cruz is smarter in the back room. I don’t see anyway in hell that the establishment goes to some third party, Trump, and Cruz supporters would trash the place. So I question the need to fold at this point if you think Cruz is better candidate.

            • liz

              You could be right – Cruz might still possibly pull it off. But if neither he or Trump get the required delegates, I won’t be surprised if the establishment nominates their own pick, which means we end up with a divided vote and not enough to beat the democrat.

        • liz

          I gotta disagree there. Even if Cruz is the biggest hypocrite since Jimmy Swaggart, he’s still not a Communist, like Obama, Sanders, and Hillary.
          Neither is Trump. You’ve got to keep things in perspective.

    • Thanks for your message, jim becks.

      Liz’s answers are right on. Don’t miss the one lower down about Trump being a wrecking ball. That’s the most important thing about him.

  • liz

    Yes, the electorate has -twice! – made the absolute worst choice for a president that could ever possibly have been made. How do you get that stupid??? Never mind…
    I think the Trump “movement” is not as much about Trump himself as it is about voters jumping on the biggest wrecking ball headed in the direction of Washington D.C. and riding it in to make sure it hits the mark. I wouldn’t call it the desire for revenge so much as a desperate need for the destruction of that which is destroying us.

    • This comment of yours, liz, is the best answer to jim becks.