Historic tragedy: London falls to Islam 13

We had hoped that if Britain leaves the European Union after the referendum to be held on June 23, it would have a chance of saving itself from the Muslim conquest of Europe. 

It was a forlorn hope. Britain is already lost to Islam.

Yahoo reports:

Sadiq Khan, a Muslim lawmaker from Britain’s opposition Labour Party, is the strong favourite to win London’s mayoral election on Thursday after a bitter contest marked by religious tensions and accusations of racism.

Polls show Khan, the son of a bus driver, is as much as 20 percentage points ahead of rival Conservative Zac Goldsmith in the race to run one of the world’s top financial centres. If he wins, he will succeed current Conservative mayor Boris Johnson to become the first Muslim to head a major western capital.

London’s population of 8.6 million is among the most cosmopolitan in the world and it is rare for identity politics to enter British campaigning.

Yet Goldsmith, with the support of Prime Minister David Cameron, has for weeks focussed on Khan’s faith and past appearances alongside radical Muslim speakers, accusing him of giving “platform, oxygen and cover” to extremists.* …

It is the political influence that comes with the post, the second-largest direct electoral mandate of any politician in Europe, that is perhaps most at stake.

“The soft power of the role is very important,” said Tony Travers a professor at the London School of Economics. “The mandate of a city as big as London gives the mayor a voice and authority which goes well beyond that formal mandate.”

Polling shows neither Khan, 45, nor Goldsmith, 41, is likely to slip easily into the shoes of the incumbent Johnson, whose outsized personality was widely recognised from regular TV appearances before he took office.

Johnson’s globe trotting star turns as London’s trade envoy have made him famous, not only boosting the city’s international profile but also making “Boris” one of the most influential voices in the upcoming EU referendum.

The capital of Great Britain will be handed over to Islam largely by ignorant voters who have no understanding of what is at stake: 

Around a third of people couldn’t even name the two mayoral candidates, and knowledge of their policies was even worse, said Laurence Stellings, director at polling firm Populus.

This is a tragedy for Britain and for the whole of Western civilization. 

* Stand f0r Peace, a British research institute, reported one year ago on May 1, 2015, in a paper titled: Counter-Extremism Guide to the 2015 Election:

Sadiq Khan – the shadow Justice Secretary. In 2013, Khan … was listed as a speaker at the Muslim Brotherhood’s Global Peace and Unity conference. Other speakers included Yasir Qadhi, who claims the Holocaust is a hoax; Jamal Badawi, a Muslim Brotherhood activist who describes suicide bombers as “freedom fighters”; and Yusuf Estes, who advises husbands to beat their wives. Khan is a prominent supporter and “friend” of Babar Ahmad, a British Islamist convicted on terrorism charges by a U.S. court in 2014. 

  • Someone

    Seems like the Reconquista will have to play out all over again.

    • There are very few Christians left in Europe. The few there are would never fight for Christianity. In fact, Christianity and Islam suit each other – as the masochist and the sadist are sure to do. Have you noticed that no fellow Christians are coming to the aid of their Muslim-persecuted brethren in the Middle East, Pakistan, Bangladesh?

  • Its not just Goldsmith who’s been focusing on Khan’s faith, Khan does quite a lot of that himself. Really I get the impression that the elected mayor is usually just the one with the most confident personality, and Goldsmith was a poor choice on that front. You would think all these revelations of Khan’s associations would have totally wrecked his chances but we are living in a very dumbed down world I’m afraid. I think there may also have been a shift to the left in London recently as well though.

    “largely by ignorant voters who have no understanding of what is at stake”

    That’s exactly the nub of the problem unfortunately. We urgently need to increase awareness of Islam among the general public. It has neither become an issue in people’s minds that Khan’s election will bolster the confidence of Islam around the world nor why that is very bad thing. We have a mountain to climb. The stranglehold that political correctness has on the UK seems very strong today, thanks not in small part to the ever present influence of the powerful state media propaganda machine that is the BBC.

    Khan is popular among young voters apparently, in part of course because Muslims are disproportionately represented in the younger age range. The growing influence of “Safe Space” culture in universities, which goes hand in hand with Muslim influence in these institutions is not an insignificant factor. The National Union of Students has just elected a Muslim woman called Malia Bouattia as president. The controversy surrounding her election has been quite substantial however:


    The increasing prominence of Muslims in positions of power in the UK seems unavoidable in the shorter term. There may at least be some small hope that the constant trickle of news like this will eventually start to make people question the Islamic religion more widely.

    • Thank you for this info, Chauncey Tinker. I’d hoped you would comment on the post.

      The hope you express in your last sentence is possible, of course, even probable. But the Muslim population is growing apace and the indigenous population is shrinking with each generation. There are no firm grounds for optimism, after all. By the time enough Britons have informed themselves about the totalitarian, supremacist ideology that threatens them, it will be far too late to do anything about it.

      In the near future, when Britain comes out of the EU (I say when, not if) it might have the sense to put a stop to Muslim immigration. That too is possible, though far less than probable if a Labour government comes in under Hamas-loving Corbyn. The Jews of Britain should be emigrating in droves. But British Jewry is notoriously pusillanimous, and all they do (officially) is mumble about interfaith initiatives. Melanie Phillips and Samuel Westrop were two strong voices against the intensifying anti-Semitism ( to which the election of Malia Bouattia testifies) but both of them have now left Britain. Fortunately, Douglas Murray remains, and Richard Kemp. And Pat Condell.

      Isn’t the time coming, just a few decades from now, when Britons ever, ever, ever, shall be slaves – to Sharia?

      • The Tories have in fact quietly taken quite a significant step towards limiting legal Muslim immigration from outside the EU, although it wasn’t advertised as such. They introduced a minimum salary requirement for spouses. Since a lot of Muslim immigration was coming from marriages from the poor countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh this should have had a significant impact although I haven’t found any data on this specifically yet. Its probable that this policy will be leading to even more inbreeding among the UK’s Muslims.

        However their record on EU immigration has been abysmal, and with the huge influx into Germany particularly, plus this insane deal to give Turkey visa access, things do not look good for the future inside the EU. Even if/when we leave the EU, having such a large Muslim population in such close proximity is going to be an enormous problem in all sorts of ways. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Europe has to stop waving the large carrots of welfare, free housing, free health care etc. at these people. Muslims across Europe are heavily dependent on welfare, if we could once break the welfare habit the situation could change quite dramatically and quite quickly. Our cold climate could suddenly seem very inhospitable if we just stopped being so damned generous.

        As you say of course Corbyn is a great menace on the horizon. If he gets in, absolutely everything could go wrong quickly in all directions. The last few days have seen quite a succession of Labour party anti-semitism stories, leading to sackings and suspensions. Naz Shah was on a committee to investigate anti-semitism, and then she got the boot for suggesting Israel be relocated in the middle of the USA.

        Just saw another Khan revelation, he is caught on video here referring to “Uncle Toms”, the mask slips, again:


        • The British fertility rate (even when the Muslim rate is included!) is 1.9. That means a shrinking population. The Muslim rate on its own is not easy to find. But we know many Muslim men have more than one wife (and all wives get welfare against the British bigamy laws), and they have many more children (often born crippled because of inbreeding). “Muhammad” (or its variants) is now the top name among London (and British?) juniors. The Muslim population is growing, the indigenous population is shrinking. Muslims are already taking power. When they are a majority round the middle of this century they will impose sharia law, almost certainly. Little measures taken by timid British governments will do nothing to stop this. What now of John of Gaunt’s “demi-paradise”? What of all the long struggles to keep Britons free? What use the Magna Carta? The British are submitting to Islam, a savage ideology out of the Dark Ages. Or do you tell me they are not?

          • No of course you’re right this immigration policy change is a puny measure on its own and it does not prevent illegal immigration anyway. Illegal immigration is something we seem to have only limited power to control these days – my observation last time I came through customs was that our borders are now policed to a large extent by people who only recently joined the UK, and many of them are Muslims!

            Indeed the disparity between birth rates is quite enough to lead us into dire straits even if we did manage to slam the doors completely shut/close the borders right now. That is why I keep harking on about welfare. Something akin to a revolution in political thinking is needed, and I’m afraid I do not see anybody vying for leadership right now who seems to come anywhere close to having the vision we need.

            Boris Johnson – I told you my reservations about him already, but to add to what I already said I recently heard him refer to “my fellow Turks” (he is of course a partly of Turkish descent himself), a phrase that made me think he had divided loyalties.

            Paul Weston – He says the right sort of things about Islam but I just cannot see him as a leader somehow, and Liberty GB are frankly talking too much about Islam to win anything more than a tiny protest vote (that is just realism). The lamentable performance of Liberty GB – they gained only 418 votes in 2015 between 3 candidates, seems to confirm my doubts.

            Nigel Farage – He went up in my estimation recently when he gave a really good speech on the migrant crisis. So far he couldn’t even win his own seat however, despite the fact UKIP scored their best vote share nationwide which should have given them a lot of seats in parliament all else being equal (I wrote my thoughts on that recently by the way):


            Really what we need right now is an absolutely ruthless politician who is prepared to enact policies not in his party’s manifesto (there isn’t time to win enough people to the necessary change in direction, in my opinion). That politician will in my view have to come from the Conservatives as there also isn’t time to alter the political equilibrium of Labour/Conservatives. Then, once in office to take away the right to vote from those on welfare, to cut welfare in a really drastic way, to abolish all the inane diversity quotas and so forth. In short, to enact really unpopular policies and to do whatever it takes to maintain power until the policies become accepted as fact.

            • A Trump perhaps? But no – he’s wholly American.

              And another Churchill or Mrs T is not likely.

              Still, come the hour come the man. Maybe.

              I’ll read your article and reply to you again later.

            • “I would like to put your blog on our Blog Roll.”

              That would be great thanks, I would be honoured! I’m still having to do a lot more work advertising my blog than writing on it at so that would be a great help.

              I don’t see the man of hour for us so far but maybe I will start investigating some of the up and coming Tories to see if any look more promising. We might be able to give a small bit of help to them by promotion. I have to say I am very impressed by Frauke Petry so far. AfD seem to be a much more sensible lot than the Front National. FN seem to still be struggling with anti-semitism and I also get the impression that they are quite left wing economically whereas AfD seem very conservative as far as I can make out. We have to get out of Europe until the continent finally shakes off the grip of socialism.

            • Get out of Europe forever, I hope!

              Your blog goes on our Blog Roll today.

  • liz

    How is someone like Khan ever even allowed to get close to such a position?
    Merely a rhetorical question. The world – for the last eight years – has had a shining example not only of how that happens, but also the consequences:
    Obama – the single worst disaster in American and world history. Extreme leftists, apparently, don’t cut it any more. Only extremist Islamic leftists will do.

  • Azgael

    this is what heppens when you allow everyone to vote, there needs to be a test to vote and ONLY those who pay, income or property taxes should be allowed to vote, NO ONE receiving ANY money from government should be allowed to vote.

    RIP UK, the birthplace of the anglosphere is dead.

    • “NO ONE receiving ANY money from government should be allowed to vote.”

      Right. You get welfare, you lose the vote. Spread the idea far and wide.