Giant 17

Now Cruz has gone. (Kasich was hardly ever there.) Trump is the Republican nominee for the presidency.


Posted under cartoons, United States by Jillian Becker on Tuesday, May 3, 2016

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  • liz

    His momentum held, and he made it! There’s beginning to be a light at the end of the tunnel – a real possibility that his momentum will continue until the general election and he’ll beat Hillary.

  • Howler63

    Trump or Hillary? I weep for the Republic.

    • We are delighted that Trump will be president and “America will be great again”.

      • Howler63

        It’s pretty great now. What’s not great about it?

        • Haven’t you noticed that Obama has been:
          1. Apologizing for America to numerous foreign tyrannies?
          2. Wrecking the US economy and putting the country into overwhelming debt?
          3. Diminishing America’s military strength?
          4. Ruining race relations within the country?
          5. Bowing (literally as well as figuratively) to totalitarian supremacist Islam?
          6. Supporting insurrectionist movements such as “Occupy Wall Street” and “Black Lives Matter” – the whole Hate America movement funded by evil men such as George Soros?
          7. Was raised to be a Communist with all that means of antipathy to freedom and the nation state which alone can protect individual liberty?
          8. Is passionately committed to the “global warming” ruse designed to make a wealth-redistributing world government seem the only solution to an otherwise inevitable doom by carbon dioxide? (Such absurdity!)
          And that list is enough to start with.
          If you haven’t noticed any of it, I am informing you now. So now you might begin to see why restoration of American greatness, self-confidence, prosperity and might is hugely necessary and immensely desirable.

          • Howler63

            And how is more hate and fear from Trump going to fix that? I’m sorry that you don’t think America is great. Must be tough living in a country you think is sub-par.

            • Trump does not stand for hate or fear. He stands for success. He fears nothing. I don’t think America is “sub-par”. I think it is the best country on the world, much damaged by the Obama gang in power for the last 8 years. Did you vote for Obama?

            • Howler63

              It’s not Trump who is afraid, but rather he is playing on the fears of others. Fear and anger over what they perceive as ‘losing their country’. That fear begets anger, and Trump is playing that anger/fear angle for all it’s worth.
              But you say that you think America is the best country in the world, why does it need to be made “great again” if it already is?

              And no, I didn’t vote for Obama. I get the feeling that you’re not so much ‘pro Trump’ as you are ‘anti Obama’.

              Am I right?

            • To some extent you are right. Like millions of others, I want revenge. I see Trump as the candidate most likely to be the avenger. But I also think he is the only one who might make America great again. My thinking America is the best country is not the same as thinking it is as great as it has been or could be again. Even under Obama it has been better than any other country to live in (that I know or know of), but it has NOT been “great” (in international terms) under him. Not at all.

              As for Trump’s “playing on fears”. Americans OUGHT to fear Islam and hate its appalling ideology. Europeans are “losing their countries” to Muslim invaders. It is not (yet) happening here. But Islamic terrorism is happening here, and being plotted here, and more terrorists are being let in. These are facts. Facing them and dealing with them is necessary and good. It is also bad to let in rapists, murderers, and drug dealers. Trump does NOT say that all Mexicans, or Mexican immigrants, are any of those things. But he wants to be sure that those who come in do so legally, properly vetted. What is wrong with that? Don’t you want the same?

            • Howler63

              The only thing America should fear are populist megalomaniacs like Trump. This scenario has played out many time over the eons, a hard charging ‘outsider’ who will shake things up and make Germany, Italy, Venezuela, great again…

              It never, EVER, ends well.

            • You are comparing a free-enterprise-supporting, generous, successful, competent American businessman, who is likely to be your next president, with the vicious collectivist dictators of Germany, Italy and Venezuela – one of them the most evil man who ever existed? That is nothing short of insane! There is no point in discussing anything with you when you talk such utter nonsense.

            • Howler63

              Couple of points. he will never be MY president, just as Obama isn’t now. And the men who BECOME vicious dictators rarely start out that way. Their ego and a fawning public lead them to it.

            • They always start off that way.

              You’re deluded.

            • Howler63

              No, they don’t have the power to be ‘that way’…until a desperate and fearful populace gives it to them. Do you think Hitler would have ever been elected if he TOLD everyone what a scumbag he was? I mean, there were clues..but for the most part he just promised to make Germany ‘great again’.

            • A.H. was always a scumbag. A lay-about. A “bohemian’. A failed “artist” living on a private income in Vienna. Good at nothing until he joined the army in the First World War.

              Trump is a generous, good-hearted man. Enormously successful in business. Extremely competent.


              There is such a thing as character.

              Your allegations are wild and cannot be substantiated. Give up repeating them please.

            • Duke of Hazzard

              America is still the best nation on the planet, but if we don’t start swinging ourselves in the right direction, we could very likely lose that status.

            • Howler63

              And building walls, instituting religious litmus tests, and starting trade and currency wars will do that?