Too late! 14

Paul Weston of Liberty GB deplores the election of Sadiq Khan, a blatant supporter of Islamic supremacy and the terrorist tactics of the jihadis, as Mayor of London.

“Do something”?

What can you do?

By the waters of the Thames sit down and weep.

It’s too late to save Britain.

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  • I have been sceptical of Liberty GB’s chances but the conviction and consistency of the message may eventually start to win a larger following. Maybe this is just their voice in the wilderness period. Trump is proving that directness can succeed, politicking may be about to get the shock of a lifetime…

    I sincerely hope so…

  • Azgael

    what can be done? easy JFK him. many many western leaders need to be JFked.

    • liz

      The only problem with that is, then he just becomes a “martyr” – more fodder for the CAIR propagandists to paint Westerners as “Islamophobic”, and phonies like Khan as the hero. The best solution was to keep them all out in the first place, but they’ve long ago lost that option. They’ve done it to themselves by being spineless jellyfish – readymade self-sacrificing, self-hating dhimmis.

      • Azgael

        JFK them all

      • I up-vote you as an evolving jellyfish who has recently begun to develop a spine.

        • liz

          Thanks -I think(?!) Anyway I wasn’t including you among the jellyfish!

          • Well compared to people like Paul Weston, Tommy Robinson and Anne Marie Waters I am still a jellyfish. I only began writing about these issues in December last year and I am not a public figure. I don’t believe David Cameron and Theresa May would bat an eyelid if any of these people were killed, they would probably just think a problem had gone away. We live in a crowded island and nowhere are we far away from large numbers of Muslims. The courage of the counter-jihadis is enormous, they are unarmed and have no significant protection at all. Very few of the public seem to care about the risks they face, many are themselves hostile – the ideas of equality before the law and freedom of speech seem largely forgotten nowadays. Added to all that they face constant vilification from most of the media.

            Tommy Robinson particularly has suffered physical assaults and a lot of death threats in his home town Luton. He refuses to hide, and openly walks around the town (which is now nearly 1/3 “Asian”) without bodyguards. He has been imprisoned and assaulted in prison (with the alleged involvement of the prison authorities). I used to think our authorities were doing a good job of protecting the public from violent extremism but now I don’t. A gang of Muslims went to an EDL march with a nail bomb, sawn off shot guns and knives. They were only stopped by the police (for being uninsured) on their way back – the Muslims arrived too late to carry out their planned atrocity.


            • Thanks for that, Chauncey. How terrible beyond words it is that “ideas of equality before the law and freedom of speech seem largely forgotten nowadays” in England!

            • liz

              The bravery of people like Robinson is truly impressive. The ignorance and cowardice of the rest of the population in the face of the clear threat to their freedom from barbaric, supremacist Muslims is a tragedy.

      • You know what the thing is about martyrs?

        They’re dead.

        • liz

          Yes, and turning them all into dead martyrs would be a “win-win” situation – they’d get martyrdom and we’d get rid of them! They are forcing us to make that choice themselves.

    • I sympathize with your emotion.

      But assassinating him wouldn’t help. They’d elect another like him or even worse.

      • Agreed, violence would only feed the monster and accelerate the descent into an Orwellian socialist police state. I only write because I still see hope for a peaceful reversal of our “Western” decline.

      • Azgael

        to stop the election of the King fools, then we must eliminate the fools