Bad things in good times 2

Mark Steyn talks about bad things in a recently published (April 25, 2016) video: environmentalism, Islam, state-created art.

Well worth the 27+ minutes it takes to hear it through.

We like the last few minutes best, starting at about 24.40 when he talks about how lucky we are to be living in a warm period.

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  • Excellent interview.

    Lawfare is being used increasingly both by the left/”liberal” elite and also by the Islamic ideological vanguard to silence those who disagree with their world views. As Mr. Steyn points out, a court case does not have to win to be successful. The sheer waste of a person’s time involved in a lengthy court case can do huge damage, on top of the legal bills and the uncertainty.

    Pastor James McConnell was bogged down with court appearances for over a year and a half before he was finally acquitted. He has now retired shortly after the verdict, although he says it was nothing to do with the case.

    However, we can fight back, by crowd funding legal costs, as was achieved in the recent trial of Tommy Robinson. This in conjunction with using such cases for maximum publicity of our views as is done here.

  • liz

    Good interview.. I didn’t know the government spent our money making a climate change propaganda video. He’s right – we laugh at the Soviets for the propaganda they produced, but our government is doing the same thing.