For truth and Trump 5


Posted under Videos by Jillian Becker on Tuesday, May 24, 2016

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  • liz

    Great discussions! Milo is exactly right – the Left has completely poisoned the concept of freedom to mean freedom “from” being exposed to any opinions they disagree with.
    Another good point is the total hypocrisy of the Left in crusading against the “racism” of white Trump supporters, while they themselves enthusiastically support Muslims – the world’s biggest racists – in their Jew hatred.

  • Twelvis

    Golden Boy tells the truth. It’s not often that the double standards established by the radical social justice culture warriors are named and explained, but he does a good job of it. The young are cultivated to despise and attack the bourgeois mainstream (where they themselves come from) in the most provocative and flamboyant ways, and those tactics are applauded and celebrated in the media. But let somebody like Trump or anyone else for that matter cross any of the left’s pre-established lines of what we are allowed to say, and all hell breaks loose in claims of offense taking and discoveries of fascists coming out of the woodwork.

  • Azgael

    what i find odd about Milo is he sais he is catholic, he is also gay, so should he not kill himself as the bible commands christians to kill gays?

    His faggot tour has been great tho, triggering little snowflakes all over the place.

    • Yes, he’s a Jewish Catholic. I’d very much like to hear his explanation.

      I greatly enjoy his attacks on the Left.

      • Azgael

        i have watched several of his speeches from his tour, and has he claims to be by himself, he truly is Fabulous at beating down leftists.