A simple truth 3

In this video, published on May 28, 2016,┬áColonel Richard Kemp – former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, and an expert on Middle East conflicts – discusses what the Palestinian leadership really wants.

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  • Very well argued. The information about the Grand Mufti is news to me, I did some further reading on that.


    I hope this colonel is also taking a close look at his own country and asking himself whether he wants us to descend further in to such a divided mess as the Middle East. A voice such as his would carry a lot of weight.

    • There is an excellent book about the Mufti and Hitler: “Icon of Evil”, by David G. Dalin and John F. Rothmann. (One of their acknowledged sources, I’m proud to say, is my own book: “The PLO: the Rise and Fall of the Palestine Liberation Organization”.) There can be no doubt that the Mufti encouraged the Holocaust, and wanted Hitler to extend his genocide to the Middle East.

  • liz

    Really good, concise explanation. Yes, as we knew, the goal of the Palestinians – as with all the other Muslim countries, is to destroy israel, for no other reason than that they are racist supremacists who hate Jews (and all other non Muslims).
    The UN has become their propaganda tool. It would be a joke if it weren’tfor the real power that they are given by the rest of the world, in the interest of pushing the collectivist “one world government” agenda.