Why Britain must leave the EU 4

Pat Condell passionately makes the case for “Brexit” – Britain’s exit from the European Union:

Brexit The Movie:

Long as the movie is, it’s riveting. Find out just how horrible the EU is – and what a loser!

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  • liz

    Finally got a chance to watch this. Everything Pat says about the EU applies to the U.S. – just change the names and places – it all fits. It IS a coup, and if Brexit and Trump are defeated, the free world will become a thing of the past.

  • Another good advertisement for Brexit is found here:

    • That’s very amusing.

      Oh, the game! The horrible game called “European union”.

  • I was always led to believe the reason for West Germany’s post WWII success was a lot to do with the Marshall plan. But this perspective about Erhard’s anti-regulation approach was an eye-opener, I must read some more on this. Meanwhile we lurched towards full socialism and by the 1970s the problems in the UK were too big to ignore. Instead of identifying the problem, socialism, we turned to another false master to solve all our problems for us.

    The council of the European union and the European council? Franz Kafka himself couldn’t even have dreamed up this stuff. Its funny how 1984 and the Castle seem to have become the blueprint instead of the warnings they were meant to be.

    MEPs can’t propose a law and get it passed, or repeal another law.

    Switzerland 5x higher exports than UK. 83% working age people working. Referendum system. This is what we need. Out.