Islam: the religion of war 8

Paul Weston, chairman of the political party Liberty GB and parliamentary candidate, talks about Islam, the religion of war and subjugation.

He challenges Prime Minister David Cameron and other Western leaders to stop being cowards, stop appeasing Islam, declare its true nature, and save the West while it still can (perhaps) be saved.

Update: The video did exist. It has been removed by the publishers to protect Islam from criticism.

(Hat-tip Ivan M. Lang)

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  • It is still the UK government’s intention to introduce “Extremist Banning and Disruption Orders”, here is an extract from the Queen’s speech (May 2016):

    “Legislation will be introduced to prevent radicalisation, tackle extremism in all its forms, and promote community integration.”

    Paul Weston’s speech to a Pegida rally was cited as an example of hate speech in the govt. doc for the proposed bill, the implication being that he will be subjected to one of these orders if and when they become law. There is a good probability that if he makes a speech like this after that occurs then he will be arrested and imprisoned simply for making such a speech.

    I already posted this link to my blog article on this at your site but here it is again for reference:

    Hopefully there will be a Brexit decision and Cameron and May will be out. Otherwise a truly repressive era will begin in the UK.

    • liz

      Right. Wasn’t Weston already arrested once just for quoting Churchill?

      • Yes but the charges were later dropped. There is a serious problem with the laws involved in his arrest (namely they are far too vague), but the police motives should have been questioned. Really the police were bending the laws to suit their purpose – to silence him, it would not have stood up in court I don’t believe. Actually I’m planning to write about this in more detail at some point, thanks for reminding me about that.

        These extremism orders would be a whole different ball game however and would give the government the ability to send people to prison for long periods if they did not comply. The laws involved in his arrest would only have been applicable to an action in a public place. The extremism orders however, will enable the authorities to prevent someone posting their views on the internet or in a paper or magazine as well. I suspect the orders will backfire on the government quite spectacularly if they do become law, but I don’t believe we should just complacently allow bad laws to be passed. We have enough problems with the existing “hate” related laws, as demonstrated by his arrest.

        • liz

          Thanks for that info and the link. Yes, one might think that laws against “hate speech” would backfire on the ones pushing for it, like Muslims, since they are guilty of some of the most hateful speech on the planet, but of course it will always be a one way street, applying only to us, never them.

          • “it will always be a one way street”

            Indeed its all been one way so far, all we can do is just relentlessly keep pointing out the double standards that are being applied.

  • liz

    I think trying to convince these people to stop being cowards and stop appeasing Islam is a lost cause. But at least he’s trying. It’s sad when nearly all our politicians are either spineless or worse – outright traitors aiding and abetting our enemies.
    Much of the terrorism happening is not just the “unintended consequences” of political correctness, its the direct result of traitors like Obama deliberately shutting down investigations of Muslims with known terrorist ties.

  • Les_uk

    Paul Weston is not a member of parliament – he stood in last year’s general election, but received only a handful of votes. He runs a very small political party, Liberty GB.