Islam takes over Europe 1

Douglas Murray describes the unsolvable problem of millions of young men from the Third World coming into Europe to stay, bring their extended families to join them, breed many children and …

… change Europe permanently, and greatly for the worse. Which he doesn’t say, but is the inescapable conclusion.

Greatly for the worse because – he also doesn’t say – almost all of them are Muslim.

It is necessary to ban Muslim immigration into the United States.

Only one candidate for the presidency has promised to impose the necessary ban.

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  • liz

    When people declare war on you, attack you, and engage in terrorism against you, the only sensible thing to do is to ban them from entering your country. It’s not rocket science – just common sense, like any other aspect of sane behavior.
    But not only have our leaders not done this, they’ve done the exact OPPOSITE, continually, ever since the attacks began – allowing our enemies to invade us and continue he to attack us! What part of suicidal insanity do people not understand?