The EU brews its vengeance 9

The ruling elites will do their utmost to reverse the decision of the majority of British voters to take their country out of the corrupt dictatorship of the European Union.

So we learn from the great writer Theodore Dalrymple, whom we asked to comment on Brexit. This is what he told us:

When you read the French newspapers, which mostly air the opinion of the French political class or elite, you realise that the whole European project as they call it is about being large and powerful. It has nothing to do with the welfare of the people or even economic efficiency. It is megalomania pure and simple (and the Germans don’t want to be Germans any more). The result in Britain was a slap in the face for the elite, who never really expected it, and will now set about reversing the result. There are moves afoot to nullify the referendum. 

It has yet to be revealed what moves those are. But it is a certainty that the powers, the principalities, the rulers of the darkness of this world will do their utmost not to let the British decision stand. They know that “the population got it wrong”, as Theodore Dalrymple sums up their stunningly arrogant belief.

Which side will win the battle, now growing hotter in Europe and America, between the common man and the dark powers?

Full of dread, but not devoid of hope, we back the common man.

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  • Les_uk

    Great Britain is an independent, democratic country, and the referendum was called by the elected UK government. The EU may not understand, like, or accept that facts, but they are about to find out the truth of it. The reality is that there is nothing they can do to nullify or reverse the result. There will be no second referendum. What can they do – throw us out?

    The only way for a country to leave the EU is for that country to invoke article 50, which sets the process in motion, and that will happen in due course; ie when we are ready to, not when the EU want us to.
    Of course the only reasons that the EU wants us to remain is because they need our money, and (particularly) because they fear contagion; there have already been calls in other EU countries for in/out referenda.

    • Thank you for that, Les_uk. It’s reassuring.

    • Theresa May (with 50 MPs) is now far in the lead as the front runner among the Tory MPs, Gove is second with only 11 MPs. Boris is out altogether because he was not getting enough support.

      May has announced her plan:

      “Article 50 should not be invoked until the end of the year.”

      That’s a whole six months for shenanigans from this REMAIN candidate. Look at what happened with the Irish referendum. I don’t think we can be totally sure that there won’t be at least some attempt at patching things up with the EU.

      I think we need to start shouting from the rooftops that Theresa May the REMAIN candidate will not be an acceptable candidate to the public, who voted for LEAVE.

  • Twelvis

    “dark powers” (?) Maybe a better wording — obscure powers, or under-the-radar-powers, or something along those lines ? It’s nitpicking, I know, but maybe worth considering, since we don’t recognize metaphysical “evil”. Dark sounds like it.

    • You don’t recognize evil?
      How about ISIS? Not evil?
      9/11? Not evil?
      The Holocaust? Not evil?
      Pol Pot? Stalin? Not evil?
      The Inquisition? …

      The EU bureaucrats and the European Court judges are not “metaphysical”. They are also not evil in the same way that – say – ISIS is. But they are hardly agents of sweetness and light.

      They are powers. Dark powers.

      I quote Christian scripture (powers, principalities, rulers of darkness) ironically. I apply the words strictly to this our only world.

      • Bruce

        I likewise consider evil to be real. It is not embodied in a metaphysical or spiritual form, as the christian satan is, but in philosophy. The desire to benefit oneself unduly at the unwilling expense of others, be it financially, for power, or for pleasure, is a fair approximation of what I’d consider my definition of evil. This includes the use of deception to trick people into thinking that actions ultimately harmful to them are actually beneficial, so as to render them willing dupes.

      • liz

        There couldn’t be a more appropriate term than “The rulers of the darkness of this world” for the elites attempting to manipulate the “course of human events”. What better way to describe those who have arrogated to themselves the role of “playing God”?

  • liz

    They had to allow a vote to make it look like it was the people’s own choice, but it wasn’t supposed to result in them losing! So of course now they’re going to claim the results must be wrong, and declare them null and void, and manipulate the outcome in their own favor. Nothing but results in THEIR favor will count.
    Yes, the EU is about “megalomania, pure and simple”, just like our government is for leftists like Obama and the Clintons. Yet useful idiots like George Will can think of nothing but making sure Trump is defeated. Pathetic!

  • Azgael

    the elites are having their loyal slaves call for a 2nd referendum, of course after having flooded the UK with 7th century savages to ti[p the scale to the remain side.