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Posted under Britain, Europe by Jillian Becker on Wednesday, June 29, 2016

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  • Boris has dropped out. May, the most worst option, is now the front-runner, a REMAIN candidate. Personally I prefer Leadsom or Gove both LEAVE candidates who actually campaigned for LEAVE. The prospect of May winning is really appalling me I am going to get busy at my typewriter.

    • Totally agree!

      Please send us a link when you’ve finished typing.

      • Here it is:

        “Theresa May – The Most Worst Candidate”

        • Thank you, Chauncey. It is excellent. I should like to quote it tomorrow. With a link to the original article and its references of course.

          • Great, by all means, thanks. She now has 85 MPs support, with Gove the next at 24.

            There’s a plot afoot by her followers apparently to keep Gove off the ballot altogether, according to Guido Fawkes.

            Lots of turmoil in UK politics…

          • By the way, I was leaning towards supporting Leadsom, but I found out she has been promoting London as a centre of Islamic finance. She seems to think there wasn’t a problem with immigration before 2002 when the East Europeans started coming over. Clearly she has not registered the danger of Islamic influence at all. Gove seems to have a better handle on things, he wrote a book about Islamic terrorism “Celsius 7/7” (I haven’t read it but it looks interesting):


            • I read it – rather hastily – when it first came out some ten years ago. I think I may still have it somewhere. I don’t remember it well, but I do know that it caused me to have a good opinion of Michael Gove. Whether he would make a good (ie. anti-EU and anti-Muslim-immigration) leader of the Tory party I can’t say. Don’t know enough about him. But I’m sure he’d be much better than May. Or Leadsom, judging by what you tell us. I’d have preferred Boris. It’s a pity he’s dropped out.

            • Leadsom did well in the campaign (she was for Leave), she coped well with the flak that BBC interviewers routinely fire at anyone who is anti-EU or dares to suggest mass immigration is not endlessly enriching. She seems genuinely quite intelligent. The problem with all of the Westminster crowd is they live in a bubble, they are surrounded by people who think in a certain way, they went to school with them, they are interviewed by people who think in a similar way. So far, the fact she doesn’t “get” Islam is the only stain on her record. The problem is that its a huge stain. There really is no excuse for anyone not at the very least having an inkling about the Islam problem by now, but for a prospective UK PM, in these times, its just inexcusable. The prospective PM should be someone with an awareness far beyond their ministerial “remit”.

              Gove did well in the campaign – he campaigned for Leave, and he seemed like he meant it. He had a big falling out with May over the ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal – which was all about Islam in education. I will have to study that episode again. He stayed out of the leadership contest because he was hoping to figure in Boris’s government, he really didn’t consider himself a contender. I get the impression there was quite a lot of opposition to Boris among the Tory MPs, but it also seems as if a bit of calculation was involved – he feared he might not win and was hoping to live for another contest in the run up to a general election. However there will probably not be an election until 2020 and right now Boris is derided as a coward for dropping out. Boris’s difficulties seem to be what propelled Gove into the race. I am currently favouring Gove, but he has been criticized a lot for his ministerial work in education, he upset a lot of people. Mind you, its just possible those people were lefties, you know how they seem to dominate the teaching profession. His big idea for education is free schools, which he was pushing quite forcefully. I think I will therefore probably be writing a follow up post – “Michael Gove – The Least Worst Candidate”.

              One thing for sure, I am far from alone in opposing May, I get the impression she is really quite unpopular, beyond the Westminster bubble. Gordon Brown went for the leadership before a general election and became a very short-lived prime minister. Five years of Nanny May’s state could be even more damaging than Brown’s reign however, I really don’t want her in charge of the UK, for however long. There is a real danger that she could run things in a certain way that makes it look as if everything is going ok, but really criticisms and very real problems are being swept under the carpet, only to re-emerge in a much worse form in the future. She has the words career politician written in red lipstick (or is it blood?) all over her.

  • liz

    He’s right – they took it by stealth. I wouldn’t trust them to let go of it now, either, without more conniving, cheating and underhanded backstabbing before it’s over.