Agreeing and not agreeing with Milo 6

Milo Yiannopoulos on Trump:

We don’t entirely share his views on Marco Rubio, but with everything else he says here we heartily agree.

But here he rants against atheists – only reason given, they have no sense of style. More of this conversation is taken up with his disgust with fellow male homosexuals (“Lesbians don’t exist,” he says) who are unkind to Christians:

Needless to say, we don’t agree with him at all about atheists and atheism, but we find what he says, as always, entertaining.

None of us here at The Atheist Conservative, by the way, looks or dresses or behaves the way he describes the appearance and behavior of his typical atheist. But we all laugh with him at the picture he draws.

Milo is a Jewish Catholic.

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  • liz

    Interesting to ponder the contradictions he must somehow reconcile to himself.
    Jewish, yet Catholic, yet gay, yet politically conservative… a. combination guaranteed to result in both agreement and disagreement with just about anyone!

    • Bruce

      I kinda think Milo’s a professional contrarian and troll. That’s not to say he doesn’t say things worth listening to, but part of his schtick is deliberately getting under people’s skin. I’d not be surprised if he goes after atheists mostly because most vocal atheists are also leftists. Smart enough not to believe in the god fairy tale, but naive enough to believe in Marx’s equally crappy fairy tale.

      • liz

        “Equally crappy fairy tale” is right! Leftists give every issue and group they hijack a bad name, including atheists.
        Milo isn’t real believable as a defender of Christianity. Wonder what his response to “a man shall not lie with a man…they shall be put to death” would be?
        If your gay, Christianity would at best only be the “lesser of two evils” compared to Islam. But I guess part of his “schtick” is getting under Christian’s skin, too.

        • Duke of Hazzard

          I have known a few religious gay people in my life. Their response to christianity’s laws of anti homosexuality, is to simply form their own churches, and leave that part out. It’s quite funny watching them claim to adhere to the laws of god, while tap dancing around this issue.

          • liz

            Interesting how people would rather keep redesigning religion into even more absurd contortions rather than just let go of it. They must feel a need for its support, but it takes more effort to ignore the contradictions!

  • Azgael

    he believes in a religion that commands its follower to KILL gays…pretty much a hypocrite when he rails against islams cruelty against gays. That does not mean i do not agree with him on islam and leftists.