A battle won 9

Pat Condell exults in the result of a referendum that takes Britain out of the corrupt dictatorship of the European Union:

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  • liz

    Yes, we can only hope the “pathetic inadequates” finally learn a lesson.
    Small consolation when they’ve already ruined their – and everybody else’s – future by their stupidity.

  • RonW

    No, not by any stretch of the imagination ‘won’. The forces of darkness are persistant and pervasive. At the very least, they will try to make it so that even having ‘left’, Britain will be under as many, or more strictures as if they had remained.

  • The Tory leadership race had left us with 2 candidates Theresa May (Remain supporter) and Andrea Leadsom (Leave supporter).

    After a relentless and massively biased media campaign against Andrea Leadsom, she has now dropped out of the race, leaving only Theresa May (the Remain supporter who is now promising to deliver Brexit). As I noted before May plans to delay even invoking article 50 (the beginning of the Brexit process) for AT LEAST 6 months..

    Michael Gove could still come back into the race, but it could be over by the end of today, with Theresa May, the most worst candidate, the enemy of freedom of speech, as Prime Minister of the UK.

    • Looks as if Gove will not attempt to challenge it:

      “We should now move as quickly as possible to ensure Theresa May can take over as leader. She has my full support as our next prime

      • I suspected Michael Gove was weak. “The best lack all conviction, while the worst/ Are full of passionate intensity.”

    • Thank you for bringing us this important though very disheartening news and the linked reports, Chauncey Tinker.

      So Theresa May will be PM.

      Poor old Britain.

      • I don’t normally like to predict the future, but I suspect from all the evidence that May will alienate her own supporters at an unprecedented rate. I suspect that she will behave like a control freak on steroids and the House will soon be reverberating with resentment. Tony Blair aged very quickly while PM, for the same reason, he felt he had to make every small decision himself.

  • Azgael

    you will see in a few months/years, when the UK does not leave the EU, that voting is completely meaningless.