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No sooner was one battle apparently won by a majority of the British people when their vote brought them out of the EU, than a new leader is elected who will continue to do the fatal damage that the EU was doing to Britain.

In this video, the person who is about to become the Prime Minister of what used to be the free kingdom of Great Britain, Theresa May, tells a series of lies about Islam, so preparing the way for further capitulation to the primitive, oppressive, cruel Muslim colonists who are gradually taking over control of the country.

The Lies

ISIS’s ideology “has nothing to do with Islam”. It has everything to do with Islam. (See here.)

“Let there be no compulsion in religion” – a sura that was abrogated by later suras. (See here.) Islam prescribes the punishment of death for apostasy.

The ideology of ISIS is “rejected by the vast majority” of Muslims. It is not. (See here and note the chart titled Support for Sharia.)

“Islam is a religion of peace.” It is a religion of war. (See here.)

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  • Theresa May is more and more emerging as a social justice warrior, with all the tragic misunderstandings of reality that entails. Here is another writer who sums it up pretty well in his sarcastic article:

    “Equality Audit, what a brilliant idea”

    • May is absurd and very dangerous.

      I know Alex Boot. He’s a Russian with an interesting history of political resistance. He’s been living in London for many years. Haven’t seen him for quite a while. Liked his sarcasm in this article.

      • Oh wow its a small world then (well at least when it comes to people that give a ****). Just found his blog a couple of weeks ago.

        I am gathering this sort of stuff on May for a write up in a few weeks or so on her emerging political profile. I don’t believe there is any realistic chance of influencing these “initiatives” in the short term but I keep pushing the fact that the borders are still not defended. Another one is her plan to “end modern slavery”. Meanwhile border security is as lax as ever and the slaves and their masters continue to pour in. Some increasingly scary events around Calais – cars attacked and lorries stopped with logs blocking the roads – baseball bats or sticks and chainsaws seem to be the weapons of choice. There was a strike by lorry drivers. Really really shocking how little Hollande does nothing about it.

        May is this curious cross between an over-excited 6th form prefect who is setting out to save the world, and the worst kind of nasty authoritarian politician. A brief respite on that front – it seems the “extremism” nonsense is kicked down the road (again) until next spring. Sigh of relief for the time being, but since Anjem Choudary is now behind bars it may in fact never happen. He was always her big preoccupation because the media would keep interviewing him and embarrassing her.

        Good news in the Netherlands – Geert Wilders it seems has a real chance and he is promising to ban Islam and mosques! I am thinking a lot about that Polish video you shared and implications for law in these kinds of ideas. Posts on that in progress.

  • Breaking News – Joint Select Committee Scathingly Dismisses Theresa May’s Counter Extremism Proposals:

  • Very surprising development – Boris Johnson has been appointed the foreign secretary and David Davis has been appointed in charge of Brexit negotiations. David Davis is a Eurosceptic so its a more positive development than was expected. Davis also has been a strong opponent of May’s “Extremist Banning Orders” and “Snooper’s Charter”, so its even more surprising he has been given a big role in that light. It may be that she is trying to manage the loud voices in the Tory party by giving them major roles but keeping them away from the issues where she thinks they may cause “trouble”. With his mind on Brexit Davis won’t have much spare time to oppose May’s plans on the home front.

    Less good news is that Amber Rudd is given the job of home secretary. I don’t know much about her, she is a relatively new name. My initial reaction to this is to suspect that May intends to keep on running the home office through a relatively junior politician, i.e. that May intends to micro-manage it.

    Of all these appointments Johnson is actually the only one who has ever expressed anything even vaguely resembling an anti-Islamic stance, although in more recent years he did a u-turn even on this. Overall I think its probably not good news on the immigration and free movement issues, none of these people really see a problem with immigration at all, that is pretty typical of all the MPs in Westminster currently though.

    • Somewhat bewildering, these turns of events!

      We’re grateful for your updates. And for your informed opinions. Please keep them coming.

      • She derided Boris during the campaign, saying:

        “I seem to remember last time he did a deal with the Germans he came back with three nearly-new water cannon.”

        Hm, so the new PM has little confidence in her foreign secretary? Seems odd, but really I think her ambitions are all inward looking. What I read into this appointment of Boris is that she really isn’t very bothered about foreign affairs. Boris recently won a poetry competition at the Spectator, for his poem deriding Erdogan, and has a habit of upsetting people with his remarks. I think he upset Obama somewhere along the line, which may explain this (if only Obama knew how much he has in common with May):

        Then again maybe Obama was too busy at the golf course…

        Philip Hammond, a grey man in both senses of the word, has been made Chancellor of the Exchequer. May did not get along with Osborne, he is kicked to the back benches. More evidence I believe that May is going to try to micro-manage home affairs, Hammond will do what he is told I suspect.

        A picture may be starting to emerge that May is actually more left wing than Cameron, Liz’s comparison with Hillary may be rather near the mark. There have been hints that she intends to go slow on the “austerity” agenda (another reason for kicking Osborne out). Austerity, what austerity I hear people ask? The national debt is as huge as ever. I fear then there will be no attempt to tackle the problems of welfare, but I really hope I will be proved wrong as I believe this is the source of so much harm. There may even be a dash of the “social justice warrior” about her. In fact at the 2014 party conference one of her main themes was the terrible discrimination that racial profiling leads to. Perhaps a new legend is being born, a new Mother Theresa? Echoes of Mutti Merkel of course here, we know how well that went for Germany.

        I heard an interesting theory that childless women have a repressed desire for something to care for. They want to look after the helpless people. Of course we are not supposed to talk about the fact that they don’t have a personal stake in the future, as demonstrated by “babygate”. Their concerns do not lie with the huge national debt that future generations will be saddled with, and which may destroy the lives of these same people they delude themselves into thinking they are helping.

        On the Brexit front things look a bit better. She has not only put Davis in charge of Brexit but also put Liam Fox, another Leaver, and a big name, is put in charge of international trade. I’m tempted to see the Brexit appointments in another light as well though, as “clever” political calculation. There is seething resentment against the Leave campaign, putting prominent Leave campaigning politicians in charge of Brexit will deflect that wrath away from her. It is also an olive branch probably to the Leave voters, who are resentful about May’s “coronation”. What’s more, if the Brexit negotiations get bogged down and seem to be dragging on interminably, or otherwise fail to deliver what Leavers were hoping for, she will then probably attempt to blame these big-name Leave advocates.

        • You tell it very well.

          Much to think about with this bulletin.

  • There are at least signs of a Tory eurosceptic rebellion starting to occur:

    Most of the Tory MPs don’t represent their own membership any more, there
    will be a backlash. Norman Tebbit predicted the same at the DT today:

    Just hoping that the Labour debacle continues. There has been some
    speculation that Labour may split – this actually makes a lot of sense,
    there is a huge ideological divide and has been ever since Blair’s rise,
    between the old and the “new Labour”.

  • liz

    So they now have something similar to Hillary getting elected president. There goes all hope for Britain. They’ll have another terrorist sympathizing Muslim running not just London, but the whole thing, before long.

    • One does have to worry. May is as blind as a bat. Let’s remember that she banned Robert Spencer from entering the country.

      • liz

        The Muslims colonizing Britain must be celebrating. They can see “doormat” written all over her.