Political parties: disintegration and realignment 22

Political parties in the Western world are undergoing dramatic and permanent change.

In America, Donald Trump has changed the Republican Party. It will not go back to being what it was before he became its most popular candidate for the presidency.

The Democratic Party was always a racist cabal, and now it’s a criminal racket under the dictatorship of the Clintons. They have been “nudged” towards the wilder shores of Leftism by the surprising popularity of the  “democratic socialist” Bernie Sanders, who stood against Hillary Clinton for the presidential candidacy – but was not allowed to win, of course.

The Libertarian Party’s support is growing. There is even talk of it replacing the Republican Party. In any case, the Libertarians want the two-party system to fade away and new parties – chiefly their own – to enter the competition for power with a fair chance of winning.

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party’s nominee for the presidential elections, says: “I think 30 million people here are up for grabs that are probably Libertarian; it’s that they just don’t know it.”

In Europe, new parties are emerging and old ones re-emerging in new forms and with new policies, in response to the governing elites’ disastrous immigration policies, by which millions of Muslims have poured into the continent from the Third World, bringing their customs of violence and misogyny with them.

In Britain, the established political parties are showing signs of disintegration and possible re-alignment.

Our British contributing associate, Chauncey Tinker*, writes:

Jeremy Corbyn, the present unpopular leader of the Labour Party, will cling on to power until he feels a suitable loony leftie has appeared who can replace him. Corbyn is not having a great time being the leader but he cares about the loony left’s future in politics and he is not going to hand power back to the centrist Blairite arm of the party in a hurry. He repeatedly says he has the mandate of the “party membership”, and he actually really seems to feel duty bound not to disappoint them. I do think winning general elections is not the biggest priority in his mind, its much more about representing the real loony left. 

The former leader, Ed Miliband, made a disastrous decision to open the membership to anyone with £3 to spare, so changing the party membership, allowing the proper lefties to take over (and there are suggestions that some mischievous Tories also pitched in) and I don’t think they can easily undo this, without splitting the party in two. They are still joining at an astonishing rate apparently, even though the membership fee has been increased to £25 to try and stop this. But it looks as if it will ensure a majority vote for Corbyn.  

Could the party split in two? There has been quite a lot of speculation about it. The Blairite / loony left ideological split has been going on since Tony Blair arrived on the scene.  However I can’t help feeling that the Blairites have just lost faith in their own cause. Corbyn’s chief rival for the leadership, Owen Smith, seems in many respects to be not really that far away from Corbyn; but – so far at least –  without the tendency to seem like a supporter of Islam. And I have yet to hear him suggest that the government should print money and give wads of it to poor people. As such he maybe doesn’t deserve to be thought of as a loony leftie, just a normal leftie. There’s a short clip of him talking in the Telegraph (see here). He would certainly win the votes of the “always voted Labour, always will” types, and might even stand a chance in a general election – although apparently he has hinted in favour of a second referendum on Brexit, which might well be a vote loser considering at least 52% voted to leave the European Union.   

If they did split Labour it would be a huge breath of fresh air for UK politics, and give the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) a chance to get a foot in the door with more MPs. I think UKIP’s chances right now would be good if it were not for the fact they are also in disarray. Nigel Farage has resigned the leadership, and I don’t find the frontrunner Steven Woolfe impressive. But maybe he will improve.  

Overall its just deeply uninspiring on all fronts, and the new Conservative Prime Minister, Theresa May,  looks almost unshakeable with this rabble of an opposition.

It seems possible that she could even reunite the Conservative Party after the deep divisions within it over Brexit. But for how long?

* Chauncey Tinker was a computer programmer for many years.  He writes: “I had always had a keen interest in current affairs but around 2012 my interest turned to real alarm.  I began to read about the Islamic religion and became increasingly troubled by what I learned, especially in view of the ever increasing presence of Islam in the West.  By 2013 I was beginning to realize just how much the mainstream media is dominated by a certain warped and narrow way of thinking (far away from my own fairly libertarian views), how freedom of speech was being eroded and stifled by “political correctness”.  More alarmingly still I also began to notice how governments were beginning to pass laws that could actually criminalize views that dissented from theirs. Determined to challenge this trend, I left my computing career and began to study current affairs full time. I began my blog late in 2015.”

  • Corbyn re-elected today:


    btw Diane James also won the UKIP leadership contest in case you hadn’t heard…

    • We have been following the intensification of the Labour Party’s anti-Semitism. Everywhere in the anglophone world the Left is becoming ever more viciously racist. The election in 2008 of Barack Obama was a major cause. He won the election for racist reasons, and he has made race relations in America far worse than they have been for decades (Trump says “ever”).

      Why is the Right in Britain now led by so many women? What are “the boys in the backroom” doing?

      • Oh right, you probably heard the story of Shami Chakrabarti’s “investigation” into anti-semitism in the Labour party and her subsequent elevation to the house of lords:


        Corbyn has at least expressed his (sincere?) regrets about calling Hezbollah and Hamas his friends:


        As for why women are taking over the “right”, well its not just in the UK either. Could it possibly be the looming prospect of Islam reversing women’s rights? I’m not sure if this is a major factor though it might be one part of the answer.


        The boys do indeed need to reassert themselves, its time to stop worrying about diversity targets, time to judge individuals by their abilities and ambition alone, methinks.

        • All the articles you link us to are interesting. Thanks, Chauncey.

          Fortunately it seems there is no great chance of Labour getting in, come the next general election?

          • I tend to think so, but loon though he may seem to us, Corbyn has to be taken seriously as a threat. There are alarming numbers of people who would vote for him and many more who would still vote Labour even if they were taken over by Screaming Lord Sutch.

            • So Screaming Lord Sutch is still standing as a regular candidate after all these decades? Is it the same man?

            • Good point, Lord Sutch is no longer with us, I should have said
              Howling Laud Hope, he’s the new leader of the Monster Raving Loony Party.

            • liz

              Ha! Screaming Lord Such and Howling Laud Hope! I love the names you guys come up with! What with all the fistfighting going on there I imagine they must be well named!

    • Thanks, Chauncey.

      Dirty tricks again!

      We’d be interested in further developments.

      • Diane James resigns after only 18 days, Steven Woolfe back in the running but now today there has been a punch up with Woolfe knocked out and taken to hospital:


        Doesn’t bode well.

        • Very unBritish! Who was the other guy – the one who hit Steven Woolfe? I can’t find his name in the report.

          • He is the hilariously named Mike Hookem (not sure if it was a left or a right hook).


            There has been an attempt to suggest there was no punch up, but the express is still reporting it as such. As you can imagine the BBC are having a field day.

            • Is it known what exactly their bone of contention was, or is?

            • Many thanks, Chauncey! So it was over something so trivial – whether or not Woolfe had got some papers “in” in time! Then two different accounts of what happened when they were alone together.

              Well, none of that matters much, of course. What does matter is, as you say, that UKIP has lost its raison d’être, and needs to stand for other things – very important things – from now on.

              Especially (I agree with you again) it should put forward practical plans to stop the advance of Islam in Britain.

            • As far as I can gather from Mr. Hookem’s statement its about Mr. Woolfe not getting his paperwork in on time (possibly during the last leadership contest).

              I haven’t been following this too closely but it seems there is a lot of infighting going on. The only UK UKIP MP, Douglas Carswell is getting an awful lot of criticism from Mr. Farage and a lot of others basically because he is pro-immigration. Mr. Carswell was a Conservative MP who defected just because he wanted the UK to leave the EU, no other reason. A lot of people want him to be kicked out of UKIP altogether – despite the fact he’s their only MP! Two other high profile UKIP people who are now both incredibly unpopular are Suzanne Evans and Neil Hamilton. Frankly without Mr. Farage’s leadership they are a bit of a rabble.

              Mr. Woolfe seems to face a lot of opposition in his attempts to become leader, as I mentioned during the last contest above. This is despite the fact he has the backing of Mr. Farage. I don’t really understand the hostility to Mr. Woolfe – I don’t really know what his policies would be. He seems to be in favour of an Australian style points based system for immigration but that’s about all I know.

              The underlying problem (as Paul Weston has been pointing out) is that the original purpose of UKIP is now gone. The UKIP MEPs are also going to soon be out of a job as well. The divisions are becoming too large to ignore, and its really unclear what they now stand for. I can think of plenty of things they SHOULD be standing for of course, but the party is in dissarray.

              Maybe its finally time for Mr. Weston to emerge from the shadows but his party is tiny. Mr. Wilders is proving how it is possible to get serious support despite publicly opposing Islam. We seem to have a similar size of Muslim population to the Netherlands as well. That’s obviously one thing UKIP SHOULD be focusing on, but they seem to have a policy of never talking about Islam publicly, so its hard to know what they even think about it.

  • The current American political structure is a product of the turbulent years leading up to the Civil War. It’s been outdated for some time now; we’re overdue for some kind of realignment.

    When I was writing “The Crider Chronicles,” which (I think) presents a libertarian view of a space-faring future, I presented a United States where a Libertarian Party and the Democratic-Republican Party contended for control of the nation. I’d like to see a more liberty-oriented version of our political alignment, but one of the fun things about being a science-fiction writer is the breathtaking abandon with which we just make stuff up. In reality, I don’t think this will happen. Judging from history it seems that governments, even republican, representative governments, tend to grow ever larger and more intrusive until they collapse under their own weight. What follows is usually not pretty.

    I think we are approaching that point. I’ll be voting Trump in November because I can’t abide the thought of Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I as President, but I harbor no illusions that the country will somehow be set permanently back on a saner course. We may hold off the collapse longer under Republicans than under Democrats, but it’s coming.

    I just hope the death of the current system results in a realignment rather than a tyranny. But history gives me little reason to me optimistic.

  • liz

    Much that’s happening now is history repeating itself – it’s like reliving the rise of the totalitarian regimes of the Communists and Nazis, with the leftist propaganda and infiltration of government. All the victories won against them are being lost now.
    Useful idiots continue to make up the majority of the population. And now the barbarians wanting to commit genocide have leftist elites funding them.

  • Azgael

    libertarians are just as bad as democrats,m in fact they ARE democrats, they double speak alot to make it look like they support small government and freedoms when they realy do not, they support open borders and with open borders you must have a large government to take care of everyone with no jobs, if you look at johssons speaking he sounds exactly like a democrat, his policies align most with democrats.

    • Why?

      You have always been so fierce against the Left.

      • Azgael

        Simple, it should be a win win if she wins, if she wins, hopefully it will trigger the 2nd american revolution and thus sanitize amerca of leftists and bring back freedom, small gov and the constitution, if it does not trigger the 2nd american revolution, it will destroy christianity in america, and i would not hesitate to switch sides and i could say i supported the fuhrer Hitllery. I am sick and tired of conservatism loosing at every battle, this election, even tho elections are meaningless these days is the final battle for conservatives, if Hitllery wins and does not trigger a revolution, conservatism will be dead forever. Leftists are expert at slaughtering mass groups of people and conservatives will not escape that fate if they do not rise up.

        Trump would make a great POTUS in a sane world, but our world has lost all sanity, i can guarantee you, the UK will never leave the EU even after the successful brexit vote, what we are seeing in Europe is not a resurgence of conservatism, but the last few twitches of a dead ideology/movement.