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We are for free trade and against protectionism. Yet we think that Donald Trump is right about the dangers of TPP.

What is TPP? What are the dangers it presents?

Dr. Ileana Johnson Pugh provides answers at Canada Free Press:

Presidential candidate Donald Trump talked about China and the bad trade deals that Congress has made with foreign countries to the detriment of our nation. It flew by the ears of most people unless they were directly involved or victims of such bad trade deals like NAFTA.

On November 5, 2015, our government released the full 6,000-page document of Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP, a proposed 12-nation trade deal which is skimpy on trade and large on giving away our manufacturing sector to the third world.

Seeking to establish one huge market, similar to the failed EU, TPP proposes to eliminate tariffs and other barriers to goods and services, trade, and investment, production and supply chains among TPP members, creating jobs in places other than U.S., raising the third world’s living standards by transfer of wealth, and increase welfare in third world nations. The tariff schedule includes “all goods”,  about “11,000 tariff lines” and “all service sectors”.

Investments will be made via TPP in digital economy, green technology, commercial relations, and capacity building assistance in needy countries (more wealth transfer from the U.S.). Little or no customs control will release goods immediately. Cross-border services will be supplied electronically. Digital E-commerce, environment, and custom duties are also addressed.

Under environment heading, marine fisheries, conservation issues, biodiversity, invasive alien species, climate change, and environmental goods and services are discussed. This document seems more about every facet of the economy and much less about trade.

Financial services, government procurement, intellectual property, investment, labor, legal issues, rules of origin, technical barriers to trade, telecommunications, temporary entry, textiles and apparel, and trade remedies are included in this huge document.

If Congress has not read the 2,700-page Affordable Care Act before passing it in secret, in the dead of night, they certainly will not read this monstrous 6,000-page TPP proposed trade bill. …

She quotes a commentator we don’t know, who, she thinks, gets it right:

According to A. J. Cameron, “free trade is euphemism for moving jobs out of the U.S. with the intention of destroying the U.S. economy, in order to bring us into the One World Government fold. NAFTA and GATT were just warm-ups for TPP.” The concept of free trade is just a ruse to facilitate the redistribution of jobs to other countries. The U.S. loses because “free trade stifles employment and wage growth,” forcing more Americans to depend on government for daily subsistence. Cameron believes that “the corporate tax rate is artificially high to provide cover for globalists to offshore operations and jobs. They have created a problem and designed a solution that only profits them.”

Corporatist globalists win all around, because of lower wages and job redistribution overseas …

China is not part of this “treaty” they call “partnership”. But there is a provision for a non-member nation to request membership into this “slush fund” for the corporatist elites.

Whether this profound crisis across the globe will motivate citizens to save the comatose patient called USA remains to be seen.

The experimental global change to de-nationalize, to devolve us into multi-nation “partnerships” in the name of free trade, and the fundamental transformation of western societies will have deep and long-lasting consequences for generations to come.

If TPP is a step by the international Left and anti-nation-state crony capitalists towards establishing World Government, it needs to be strenuously resisted.

And that it seems is something Donald Trump might be relied on to do.

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  • A J Cameron

    TAC, I’m confident that Dr. Paugh appreciates you posting her column into your site.

    I am a contributor to Canada Free Press (CFP). I have been less active over the past couple of years, due to travel for business. I did post a column yesterday, addressing ‘school choice’, ‘money follwing the child’ and ‘charter schools’.

    I was familiar with Ileana from CFP when my business took me to Woodbridge, VA about 25 months ago. Through a contact/friend from CFP, I was able to meet Ileana for lunch. We have been email friends ever since then. We trade original ideas, as well as Info and ideas from others.

    After learning about the unveiling of a Domestic Terrorist Profile by the state of Missouri, I became focused upon understanding the big picture, so as to be able to read between the lies. As you probably know, there is a whole lot of lying going on.

    Feel free to contact me and or check me out at CFP.

    • Thank you, A. J. Cameron, for noticing our post, and introducing yourself to us. A surprise and a pleasure. I shall be looking out for your articles on CFP which I read every day. Dr. Ileana Johnson Pugh is a splendid researcher and writer. We have quoted her quite a few times. “Reading between the lies” is now deposited in my bank of apt quotations. If I repeat it, it will be with acknowledgment of its source.

      • A J Cameron


        Playfully, when engaged in a prior business, it was common to acknowledge a source only 3 times. At that point, it became ‘ours’. The goal was to encourage everyone to become better, and this comes from learning from all sources.

        Ileana is a trusted friend in her presenting her window on the world from her experiences.

        Make it a terrific Tuesday!

  • Bruce

    The whole “world government” thing is fated to fail, IMO. The Chinese and Russians won’t want to give up their power, and trying to force them to will get ugly. And don’t even get me started on the Islamics. We’re much more likely to end up with WW3 than OWG. What makes me want to punch people though is how some xtians secretly WANT this one world government, because it “fulfills” their little golden book of BS. When Jesus doesn’t return and they’re forced into virtual slavery, maybe they’ll open their eyes and see how they’ve been fooled. Self-destructive idiocy is by no means limited to the left.

    • liz

      Yep, I had the same infuriating experience back when Obama kept getting elected – Christians were convinced he was the antichrist, which meant – the rapture!!! – so why bother to vote?
      I knew if Obama wanted TPP, it had to be bad for the country. So of course it’s all about “spreading the wealth around” from us evil capitalists down the world’s rat holes. I seem to remember Ted Cruz favored this deal, also. Says alot in Trump’s favor that he’s against it.