The KKK supports Hillary Clinton 4

Hillary Clinton is trying with a video ad to connect Trump to the KKK.

But (joy!) –

The KKK Grand Dragon, Will Quigg, says he wants Hillary Clinton for president:

N.B. The KKK was founded and manned entirely by Democrats.

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  • He may be ignorant, but he’s not stupid; in fact, in this he’s too clever by half.

    This gomer has to know that the KKK is almost universally reviled and despised. In “endorsing” Hillary, he ties the KKK to her in one of the most epic Loki trolls of the 2016 election. I’m pretty certain he would rather see anyone but Hillary elected, even if just on the immigration issue alone – and he knows the effect his endorsement is likely to have.

    • Sure. But we would like to see Hillary nagged to “renounce” him, as her choir nagged on and on about Donald Trump needing to “renounce” David Duke.

      • I’d like to see that too. But with the legacy media being effectively a branch of the Clinton campaign, Her Imperial Majesty won’t face any questions about it.

        Until, maybe, the debates.

  • liz

    This guy is obviously an idiot in many ways, but he’s really ignorant if he thinks Hillary Clinton is going to keep Muslims out of the country.
    But of course his endorsement won’t stick to Hillary. And she’ll just keep screeching “racist” at Trump like a broken record.