Donald Trump and pussies galore 8

So like every other heterosexual male over the age of 7, Donald Trump talks about those little cats to his buddies. Talked about them to Bill Clinton maybe  on the golf-course. Yes, that Bill Clinton – the RAPIST.

Suddenly the Left turns prude. Public nudity is okay with the lefties. S&M performed in public in a gay pride parade is okay. Delightful actually. But using the p-word! Call me an ambulance!

Because it’s Donald Trump using a naughty word. You see it’s a matter of WHO does something, not WHAT they do. Bill Clinton raping a protesting, struggling woman, while also biting her lip till it bleeds, isn’t bad because don’t you see he’s BILL CLINTON.

But if Donald Trump talks about “grabbing pussy” and kissing willing “stars”- Oh Djeeziz! Help! I’m so-o-o appalled. I need a safe space.  


A lubricious statement weighed against RAPE? Are they kidding?

No. Look at their tight little mouths. They’re all celibate monks who’ve never told a dirty story in their lives. Never boasted of their sexual prowess, their conquests – Lor’ no. Wouldn’t think of it!

And not only lefties. Paul Ryan too is sickened, sickened!

Meanwhile that suppurating bag of corruption, Hillary Clinton, gets a pass for selling her country. Because she’s HILLARY CLINTON. See?

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  • liz

    Yes, the stench from that hypocrisy is sickening. Bill the rapist was admired, but if a Republican even jokes about women he’s vilified. Hillary can call police “pigs”, and it’s ignored, but Trump can’t call a woman “miss piggy” without becoming a national disgrace. The real disgrace is that Republicans like Ryan see fit to join the left in the faux “righteously indignant” act, rather than exposing their hypocrisy.

  • Damon

    The latest example of how the left has weaponized the right’s (professed) sense of decency. It can and will be used against us at every opportunity, but will never be turned against them. As usual, mass media is the essential and eager accomplice. Conservatives, you have to learn to ignore this crap, keep your head down, and vote the endorsed Republican ticket.

    Like Art Linkletter said, “Kids say the darndest things.” And so does everybody else, including Manhattan Transfer, from 1984…

    • Nice and jolly.

      Thanks for the link and your common sense, Damon.

      • Damon

        Maybe at the next rally, after reading the lyrics to The Snake, he could follow it up with, “And now I’d like to read to you the lyrics from the flip side of that record … ‘ I woke up this morning with a feeling of despair ‘ … “

  • Mike

    The Lady doth…

    • Protest too much? I do?

      If that’s what you mean, what is your own argument, Mike?

      • Mike

        I’m referring to the Democrats as the ‘Lady’.

        • Mike: I apologize for misunderstanding your laconic comment.

          You are so right! Thank you.