The Choice 3

Half the voters of the United States want an unindicted criminal to be president.

Yet to vote for Hillary Clinton is to vote for

Higher taxes

Higher unemployment

More debt

More terrorism

The discarding of the Constitution

A traitor.


To vote for Donald Trump is to vote for

Lower taxes

Higher employment

Lower debt

Much less terrorism

The upholding of the Constitution

A patriot.


Those who are against Hillary Clinton coming to power but do not cast their vote for Donald Trump will be as guilty of putting a corrupt criminal traitor into power as those who vote for her.

The guilty will also be putting the indicted and impeached criminal Bill Clinton back in the White  House from which he, with his criminal wife, stole hundreds of dollars worth of furnishings.

How can there be any hesitation on the part of any sane voter in choosing which of the nominees should be president? Or any doubt as to which of them would  be best for his /her own interests as well as the interests of the country?



If pollsters are to be believed –

President Obama has attained a high “job approval” rating of late.


His health care plan has failed miserably.

He has vastly increased the country’s debt.

The number of unemployed has risen beyond calculation under him.

The incomes of workers have dropped.

No one earns anything on their savings.

He has grossly worsened race relations.

He has let hundreds of felons out of prison.

He has diminished the strength of  the US military.

He has encouraged illegal aliens to pour into the US over the southern border.

He has imported tens of thousands of Muslims and refuses to recognize or name Muslim terrorism from which America and the whole world are increasingly suffering.

Every one of the agencies of his government have become deeply corrupted under his leadership.

The Middle East is in flames because of his policies.

Libya is in chaos because he bombed it.

Third World migrants are flooding Europe as they flee from the areas where his policies have caused war and the rise of savage tyrants.

Iran is on the way to becoming a nuclear power due to his efforts.

Russia is preparing for nuclear war again.

He is so disrespected by the Chinese that they wouldn’t even give him stairs to descend from his plane when he landed there, let alone a red carpet or a greeting by the leader of the country.

He has alienated Israel, cold-shouldered Britain, broken his promises of providing defense weaponry to Poland and the Czech Republic.

And that’s only a partial list of the harm he has done to this country.


His “job approval” has gone up.

What can explain this?

  • liz

    “What can explain this?” Great question. Key phrase – ” any sane voter”.
    I think the answer, sadly, is that the Leftists have done their job well. They’ve been encroaching and infiltrating, agitating and propagandising for 50 years, and they’ve succeeded. As a result, the population has reached “critical mass” in terms of being ignorant and brainwashed, which in a sense renders them insane. They absolutely couldn’t recognize the truth if it hit them in the face. They are conditioned to believe lies and recoil from reality in disgust.
    As Reagan pointed out, we are always only one generation away from losing our freedom, and it looks like this is going to be the generation that loses it.

    • Azgael

      it is the end of western civilization, there is NO possible way to save it, people are too spineless cowards to do what is necessary to save it.

      i suggest to move to a small island country in the pacific, they are the most likely to be left alone when the world burns under total war after western civilization has fully collapse.

  • A.Alexander

    Agree, we, the atheists, crave for the justice more, as we believe it is in the human hands, not in god`s, or churches.