Martha Someone for president? 15

Donald Trump won last night’s presidential candidates’ debate overwhelmingly – not only against the other candidate, the smugly grinning criminal Hillary Clinton who he rightly said should be in jail, but also against the moderator, Martha Raddatz:

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  • Ellie

    If you were going to massage the electoral results, what would you do? Would you allow the pollsters to publish the real results of their questions? Or, would you set the scene, so when the desired result of the election was published, Jo Average, thinks, “Ah, the polls said she would win, what a shame, but hey! Thats democracy folks!”
    Speaking as a Brexiteer, we were bombarded with polls stating that Remain would win the day. I found this rather odd, as about 80% of the people I knew were voting to leave. Here where I live, in the Midlands, relatives in East Anglia and friends and relatives in London and the SE. So little bias. We were a good cross section of society as well. A gay, an extremely success London Lawyer, someone in Advertising, someone in Computers, a hairdresser, a housewife, a retiree, the list goes on. I had occasion to drive from the Midlands to Devon (and back) 2 days before the referendum. All the hoardings in farmers fields bar 1, said the same thing “Vote out”. There was a dissonance here…. I think they did try to skew the vote, but they simply could not skew it enough. Hence the complete surprise! That was one of the nights in my life I shan’t forget. 5 AM. watching the telly in bed and …. results coming in showed that we had one. Sometimes, democracy can work.

    • Brexit is a great triumph.

      I hope the polls are as wrong here as they were in Britain.

    • liz

      I have long suspected that the polls are rigged to make the outcome of the rigged elections seem plausible. That’s why even though Trump is much more popular with voters than Hillary, the polls are showing them neck and neck, so that when she wins (by fraud) it will be believable.

  • And yet, I’m afraid it’s too little, too late. He’s cratering in the general election polls, and the Electoral College map is even worse. Her Imperial Majesty has opened up a clear lead. She’s about six points ahead in the RCP poll average, which is big.

    Without a major miracle, The Donald isn’t going to win it. Batten down the hatches, folks; it’s gonna get… interesting.

    • You trust the polls? Remember that they went on predicting that Brexit would fail right up to the day it didn’t?

      They were wrong about the last British general elections too. And the Israeli elections. Right up to the day.

      You know that many of those pollsters ask far more Democrats than they ask Republicans?

      Look at the enthusiasm gap. Thousands turn up for every Trump rally. The criminal Clinton cannot even get hundreds – and to get what she gets, she buses them in.

      The Left wants you to give up. It’s tactic is to demoralize.

      I’m optimistic today after the debate which Trump resoundingly won.

      The worst thing is the way that so many Republicans are deliberately sabotaging their man. It’s because they are of that kidney that Trump has gained the popularity he has.

      • Oh, I’ll vote for him. Mrs. Animal is going to vote for him. All four of our daughters and our son-in-law are voting for him. No lack of commitment at the Casa de Animal.

        But I’m not just going on the polls, here, although yet, it’s a consideration, even knowing as I do their weaknesses – and biases. I’m going mostly on my own assessment of the race at this point.

        Now, last night’s debate was cause for hope, but if The Donald wants to defeat Her Imperial Majesty, he needs to hit even harder on the final debate – he needs an absolute gobsmacker of a victory. Then he might pull it off.

        But Her Majesty has the media’s tradewinds at her back. That’s what the country has come to – the Democrats nominated – no, coronated – the worst candidate in their field, and thanks to the complicit legacy media and the endless promises of Free Stuff, she has a good chance of winning.

        And I’m not underestimating that clarion call of Free Stuff. It appeals to too many people. It’s hard to run against Santa Claus.

        • You are right of course that the media are hugely helping her. But do voters want to pay more tax? Do farmers and business owners want to have their heirs deprived of what they’ve built when the government takes 65% in estate duty? Do they want to have a woman who can’t even use a computer and doesn’t know when a document is classified and can remember nothing of what she’s done or said as commander-in-chief when Russia is building up its nuclear arsenal and rattling its saber as it has not done for years? Don’t give up hope yet, Animal.

          • I have not and never will give up hope. But while hoping for the best, I’m planning for the worst. Mrs. Animal and I will be traveling to Alaska to look at properties next month; if the unthinkable happens, we’ll have a nice quiet place to go.

            • Her redistribution would affect you even there. And you’d be nearer Russia. Her coming to power now would speed the decline of civilization, help the advance of Islam, … etc. You know the rest. The whole world would be affected. Everything would be worse everywhere. Only escape – as Mike told you – another planet.

            • If that were an option, I’d take it, I think – but in that scenario, I’d be ruled out anyway. They didn’t take colonists over 50.

            • Here’s something that might interest you, Animal. A new world in space requiring 100,000 citizens.


            • It’s interesting, but not for me. I need my wide-open spaces – like Alaska, with three million lakes full of fish. If I could go to a new, wild planet, that would be incredible – but a space habitat would aggravate my claustrophobia.

          • Ellie

            Trump must not be led into silly arguments, but punch home the things, ordinary people are concerned about. Just as you said, tax, hard work rewarded, the ability to work for their family & themselves, not having a bagload of freeloaders hanging on their purse/wallet/pocket book( I think you say over the pond?)

        • liz

          Not to mention voter fraud.

  • liz

    Yes, he made alot of good points on this one, in spite of the usual rude interruptions and arguing from the moderators. He wasn’t afraid to state the plain facts – that she lies, her and Obama’s policies have been a disaster, and that she should be in jail! He didn’t get hung up on defense – he stayed on offense.
    The Democrats excuse both the Clintons for actual criminal behavior, claiming it doesn’t affect how they govern. Whether thats true or not it doesn’t matter – they’ve both governed disastrously anyway.
    They won’t apply the same principle to Trump of course, even though all they have to accuse him of is words. I don’t care what they dig up about him – he’ll make a great president just on his policy positions. Republicans withdrawing support from him over mere words are cowards and traitors.