A very pessimistic post 12

Of course nobody can stop the collapse of Western civilization.

What do those of us who speak and write in favor of that colossal achievement and cry out warnings that it is under threat, think we are achieving?

Persuading multitudes to resist the flood? Can we? Can they?

Perhaps, at most, a few among us – Nigel Farage, Donald Trump – can try putting a finger in the dyke.

Mark Steyn defines “the larger forces at play in the developed world that have left Europe too enfeebled to resist its remorseless transformation into Eurabia and call into question the future of much of the rest of the world”.

“The key factors” he lists are these:

i) Demographic decline;
ii) The unsustainability of the social democratic state;
iii) Civilizational exhaustion.

And here’s our abstract of his article:

Between 1970 and 2000, the developed world declined from just under 30 per cent of the global population to just over 20 per cent, and the Muslim nations increased from about 15 per cent to 20 per cent. Is that fact less significant to the future of the world than the fate of some tree or the endangered sloth hanging from it? In 1970, very few non-Muslims outside the Indian sub-continent gave much thought to Islam, but in little more than a generation the world is utterly altered. By 2020, it will be impossible to compare statistics between “the Muslim world” and the West because Islam is currently responsible for most population growth in English, French and German cities, and the principal supplier of immigrants to Canada, and already 25 per cent of the population of the European Union’s capital city, Brussels. September 11th 2001 was not “the day everything changed”, but the day that revealed how much had already changed. We’re seeing one of the fastest population transformations in history, whereby an aging ethnic European population is being replaced by a Muslim population. And the Muslims understand that, in fact, Europe, as they see it, is the colony now. I think the average Muslim does, in some basic sense, when he immigrates to the Netherlands, when he immigrates to the United Kingdom, when he immigrates to Canada or Michigan, want eventually to live in a Muslim society in those places. I am not saying he wants to fly planes into buildings, but his expectation is that the host society will assimilate with him rather than the other way around. This is the biggest story of our time, and the West’s leaders still can’t talk about it to their own peoples, not honestly. And they’re increasingly disinclined to let you talk about it.

Civilizational decline: whatever its causes – and the reluctance of Europeans to have children is certainly one of them – it is a fact.

You cannot miss it. It is here in America.

It is in the universities which have largely been transformed from institutions of disinterested learning into fortresses of Orthodox Thought.

It is in the schools, where text books teach that Islam is a beautiful pacific religion, not the primitively superstitious creed of a ruthless warlord which is what it really is.

It is in the media, which defend Orthodox Thought, the advance of Islam,  and the dissolution of the West, with passionate pertinacity.

It is in the failure of conservatives to accept that it is happening at all, so they cry out against the last hope America has of holding back that tide for a little while at least – the possible presidency of Thumb-in-the-dyke Donald Trump.

Acolytes of the Left like to say that they are “on the right side of history”. Whether it is the right side or not, they are on the side of what is happening. The side of civilizational decline, of Muslim colonization, of the dissolution of borders, of Orthodox Thought. 

Hillary Clinton, the Left’s candidate for the presidency, wants to increase Muslim immigration into the United States; wants “open borders”; wants to forbid the criticism of Islam. Hillary Clinton is on the side of civilizational decline.

Conservatives complain that Donald Trump is immoral in that he talks boastfully of his sexual conquests as most men do. But they seem not to have noticed that far more important moral principles are being discarded – to widespread popular indifference. At least half the voting citizens of America do not give a toss that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, venal, lying scofflaw. Not that they don’t know she is all that – it’s just that they don’t care about her immorality. They see her as the right person to be president of the United States at this time.

And is she not? Isn’t she perfectly suited to the time?

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  • Cogito

    Of course, Mark Steyn’s demographic arguments are unanswerable. Can the Islamification of the West be reversed?
    Perhaps, but only if we recognize the causes of our civilizational decline.
    I believe our enervation began decades ago when the twin intellectual idiocies of cultural and ethical relativism captivated our academic elites.
    With no rational philosophical defence of the West possible, such things as capitalism, freedom of the press, freedom of thought, natural law, become mere preferences.
    This manifests itself in the utter madness of Jews, feminists, gays, and liberal Christians supporting, indeed demanding, increased moslem immigration.
    There are political voices of dissent. One thinks of the leaders of Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Donald Trump senses the danger of Islam, but has become feckless. I had high hopes initially but recent events have made me increasingly gloomy.
    Jillian, I share your pessimism.

    • liz

      Yes, Ayn Rand came up with a rational philosophical defense of the West those decades ago, and nobody listened. The intellectuals rejected her defense of capitalism, and the Christians rejected her atheism. I guess the same sort of thing happened to Barry Goldwater, and may now to Trump. What a vicious, self defeating cycle.

  • We all succumb to pessimism from time to time, I certainly have. But the truth is that Western civilization is only about to end if we let it happen. We have all the means at our disposal to reverse the decline:

    1. We don’t have to keep funding the hijrah through the welfare state, we can just stop.
    2. We don’t have to keep leaving the borders unprotected – we have incredible technology to detect people trying to cross the borders. The migrants are not armed but our armed forces are. Our border security forces can be as well. The flood will stop quite quickly once the word gets out that we are getting tough. We can also distribute propaganda in the countries the migrants are coming from to persuade them not to set off in the first place.
    3. Large numbers of Muslims would leave the faith with the right sort of persuasion:
    a) Removal of all laws protecting Islam from criticism including laws that can be bent to that purpose such as laws against “grossly offensive” comments.
    b) Arrest of all Islamic preachers/closure of all mosques either on incitement or sedition grounds.
    c) Removal of all laws that interfere with employers right to sack people who take time out of the working day for prayer/wear inappropriate clothing at work.
    d) Encouragement of major public debates with armed security for all high profile speakers (not just during the debates but all the time). Many Muslims have simply never been exposed to outspoken views challenging their religion.

    Instead – we allow this sort of thing to go on:

    It can be done, it is only the will that is lacking. The longer we wait the harder it will be however.

    • liz

      Exactly right – but thats what is so maddening – these proposals make sense, are easily done, and would work well – but they are exactly what our current political leaders deliberately REFUSE to do!!!
      None of this would even be happening if it weren’t for their purposely orchestrating it to begin with, courtesy of George Soros and the rest of the globalist elites who are ‘singlehandedly’ responsible, if you will, for the entire disaster threatening civilization.

      • Of course the biggest problem we now have is how to persuade people to vote for an end to dependency when a majority of voters are dependents themselves (that is certainly true in Europe now I’m not sure about the US?).

        Perhaps there will come a point when those supporting all the dependents will get fed up enough to start revolting against the yoke of unreasonable taxation. Its a long time since the last taxpayers’ revolts but it could happen. Governments should remember that. The government are dependent on the taxpayers….

        Perhaps once more of the taxpayers understand properly what a cancerous ideology is growing in our midst, and how they are helping it to get worse, then views will change enough for a real change in direction. We must continue to push the truth out into the open…

        • liz

          I don’t know the exact percent but I’m pretty sure the U.S. is close to the “tipping point” where there are more takers than earners.
          To paraphrase a founding father, when enough of the people figure out that they can vote themselves government money, it’s over. That’s why this election really is our last chance.

    • liz

      Thanks for the video link. It’s a ray of hope that reason can win over barbarism, if only given the chance. But it will only have a real chance if the measures you propose are taken.

    • Yes.

      All excellent suggestions. But –

      “It is only the will that is lacking.”

      That’s the point.

      It is lacking.

  • liz

    She is perfectly suited to preside over and further the decline. Just as Obama has been. He’s criticised Americans for their sin of “colonialism”, while enabling his Muslim hordes to colonize US.

  • Ellie

    Speaking as an Englishwoman and European, most people here are sleepwalking. They go to work, watch the TV, socialise, and ignore the monster in the room. Even after the hideous child-trafficking by Pakistani men, in so many cities here, somehow, the man (& woman) in the street can perform mental gymnastics and simply avoid the issue. Having had some experience of interractions with Muslims, I was astonished over 20 years ago, to peek behind the veil, What I saw first hand shocked me. What we are seeing in Europe now, is a logical extention of what I saw and experienced. Believe me, Jihad is real. It is just on a slow burn, because they do not need to send in a conquering army to achieve domination in a year or two. They have the patience of the Arab mind, and can achieve their goal, with no damage to infrastructure, within one generation, two at the most.

    • Thank you, Ellie, for your valuable confirmation of what we painfully understand is happening.

    • Time and again this is the experience of those who are living close to the growing Muslim ghettos. There is no time to lose, we must awaken the people with the realities. Tommy Robinson’s book “Enemy of the State” describes these realities very clearly – I strongly recommend this book.

      Something I have noticed about the demographics is that the Muslims who are having large families are for the most part those living in the ghettos, and they are mostly on welfare. The educated working Muslims like Sadiq Khan who do well in their careers tend to have smaller families more like Western ones – they are under the same pressures as Westerners.

      We have to focus minds on the welfare system. How is it happening that people are having large families – even 10-20 children sometimes on welfare benefits. We have benefit sanctions for those who do not actively seek work but it seems to me the same trend we saw with the police in the grooming gang scandal is going on at the benefits office – the authorities are afraid to apply the same rules to ethnic minorities that they apply to others. There is also a big problem in that people are not encouraged to travel to find work. The Muslim population first started growing in the UK when large numbers were invited here to work in the mills. They came half way round the world to find work! Now those industries are shut down – its time their descendants moved again to find work.

      Tackling welfare is only one part of the solution but it is one major thing we need to do.