Thugs working violently for Hillary 2

This is a very important video made by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas (via Breitbart).

America may be about to elect to the highest power a gang of violent crooks as low as any ever bred in a moral gutter. They are using gutter tactics to win this election – and they are boasting of it:

Heard of “bird-dogging”? The video explains what it means.

We particularly savor the words of one Scott Foval, of Democracy Partners and/or People of the American Way, who organizes violent attacks but is a moral poseur, proud of “the way I was raised”.*

And they call Trump a “Nazi”!


* Scott Foval has been fired since this video was released. But he is merely a scapegoat for the people who employed him to do what he did. They will continue with their dirty work.

  • Azgael

    once again the left does what works and conservative do what doesent

  • liz

    Wow. A huge bombshell. But if a bombshell explodes in the forest, and nobody hears it, what difference does it make?
    As with every other bombshell uncovered so far, the press will ignore it, and it will thereby become a non issue. The goons exposed here will double down on their thuggery, while at the same time charging O’Keefe with criminal activity. No accusation ever sticks to these sleazy, lying scumbags.