The Hillary campaign emails: a reeking dungheap of scandals 11

Last Monday (October 17, 2016) Julian Assange’s Wikileaks released a tenth batch of John Podesta’s emails. He is the manager of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

We select from Truth Revolt’s selection of the main points they concern:

Major voter-fraud exposed as Clinton camp cites then-senator Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign in which he “flooded” the caucuses with “ineligible voters” thus securing his nomination in 2008. Colorado cited in particular. Implies Clinton camp to do the same.

And Obama is at present scoffing at the very idea that his Democratic Party would practice voter fraud in any shape or form!

After subpoena Podesta suggests withholding emails exchanged between Hillary Clinton and President Obama.“Think we should hold emails to and from potus?” Podesta asked in an email. “That’s the heart of his exec privilege. We could get them to ask for that. Three weeks later Camp Clinton used BleachBit to erase more than 33,000 emails, likely including those to and from POTUS discussed herein.

It seems they never even entertained the idea of obeying the law.

The Department of Justice colluded with the Clinton campaign on the email investigation likely in order to prepare her.

Clinton-attorney David Kendal admits legal team did not turn over important email thumb drive and server to State Department.

Collusion between the Hillary campaign and the media is routine.  

NY Times warns Hillary in advance of stories it is about to publish

Email seems to reveal ABC’s George Stephanopolous colluded with Clinton camp to discredit Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash.

Podesta says it’s great to be able to feed stories to the media who “Tee Up for Us” — cites NY Time’s Maggie Haberman.

Multiple emails reveal mainstream media collusion with the Clinton campaign including from the Washington Post and CNN, among other outlets. 

Clinton staffers discussed which of Hillary Clinton’s emails to release and which not to (i.e. delete).

Donna Brazile in fact had the exact wording of a proposed CNN town hall question and fed it to the Clinton campaign prior to the event. 

Trump is accused by the Hillary campaign of connections to Putin. Trump has no connections to Putin – but the Hillary campaign does:

Podesta owns 75,000 shares of Putin-backed company.

Details about Clinton’s involvement and cover-up in the Uranium One deal. During her time as Secretary of State, Clinton approved the sale of roughly 20% of our nation’s uranium production to a Russian-government backed company called Uranium One, which in turn donated millions to the Clinton Foundation. Clinton did not disclose these donations, covering them up instead.

They practice blatant lying to smear Trump:

Clinton camp planted fake sexist Trump jobs ads on Craigslist.

They despise blacks and Muslims:

African Americans and Muslims were disparaged as “losers”.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar — both big donors to the Clinton Foundation — are funding ISIS. 

Troubles within the campaign:

Campaign feared what, exactly, was in Clinton’s emails.

Clinton’s own campaign called her a “mediocre” and “lackluster” candidate.

Clinton campaign was concerned about Bill Clinton’s sex-life as a liability to the campaign. 

Campaign staff admitted that Clinton often lies and said she should not press Sanders for his medical records during the primaries, insinuating it would open a can of worms for her.

Their contempt for Bernie Sanders and his supporters was strong:

Hillary Campaign planned (and succeeded) to fool Bernie Sanders and his “self-righteous ideologue” supporters at the convention. Podesta and campaign staff planned to “throw [Sanders] a bone” at the convention by falsely vowing to curb the Superdelegate system. This was done to make Sanders and his “bitching” supporters “think they’ve won something.”

Hillary Clinton called Bernie Sanders supporters a “bucket of losers” in Goldman Sachs speech.

Eager researchers can dig into the email piles for themselves by starting at:

(We have found the site difficult to access. Links don’t seem to work.)

The whole slimy Clinton mafia that has taken over the government, its agencies, the media and the country – and even exerts its will abroad, as it has shown by stopping Julian Assange’s internet access – needs to be brought down. Only the election of Trump can do it. 

    • That is happening, it’s true, (But beware of WND and its owner, Alex Jones. He is insanely anti-Semitic.)

      You will of course have seen this:

      A horrid shock! Will you be writing about it?

      • Oh right thanks for warning me about that will steer clear, Alex Jones long struck me as one of those “conspiracy theorists” who actually merited the label. I was just googling for info on the UNITAID/Clinton Foundation connection when I came upon it. What struck me about the story though if its true it seemed to me that sending classified docs to a yahoo account was something that even most ordinary people would understand as very wrong, and therefore something that would be hard for the FBI to ignore.

        On the Brexit story yes it was a bit of a shocker indeed. One thing is that it could now go to the Supreme court. The Express today claimed that one of the 3 High Court judges founded an “EU INTEGRATION group”:

        I am not going to pretend I’m an expert on all the ins and outs of Brexit so no I wasn’t planning to write about it particularly. However it does seem to somewhat confirm my suspicion that article 50 should have been triggered straight away. You will remember that was one of the issues I raised against Ms May’s leadership bid. I could not understand the need for delaying since article 50 is only the START of the negotiations anyway and those negotiations were always expected to take 2 years! Perhaps May the Remainer was secretly hoping problems like this would occur enabling her to kick the can down the road, but maybe that’s too cynical. What she does now is what matters, and it could reveal whether she is genuinely committed to Brexit or has her own agenda.

        Jacob Rees Mogg MP’s comments seemed to have the ring of truth about them to me, he said:

        Parliament has already been involved – that is the key thing.

        Parliament passed the referendum bill under the clear understanding from David Cameron that Article 50 would be exercised immediately.

        So the high court ruling looks dubious from a logical point of view.

        The BBC also raised the question of whether the court ruling would mean that Brexit now got really seriously bogged down because every detail would need to be approved by legislation through parliament before article 50 was even invoked. They speculated this could mean Brexit took years and years, but maybe that was wishful thinking on their part – you know how pro-EU the BBC is. I expect there will be a lot of news on this in the coming days before the real impact becomes clear.

  • liz

    Isn’t it hilarious that after evidence is uncovered of Hillary selling uranium to the Russians, she tries to excuse the contents of these email leaks by saying the Russians stole them??!!

    • Right! And as she insisted on doing all her official government correspondence on non-secure devices, Russia must have hacked every word she ever sent and received. And so did China. And Mossad. And MI6. And …

      Probably the Benghazi terrorists did too, or were informed by someone who did.

      Bright kids the world over maybe have the whole collection.

      • liz

        Exactly! And then she has the gall to claim in a debate that as President she will make cyber security her #1 priority (or some such canned bilge). I don’t know how she manages to lie like that and keep a straight face – but she’s had alot of practice!

  • liz

    Slimy mafia is right. There is so much corruption you’d think there’d be no way to contain it – yet too many will remain oblivious. The leak about Obama’s voter fraud proves his election was illegitimate – he only won it by fraud, as we all knew. Yet he has the arrogance to lecture Trump and his voters for lying.

  • Robert Kantor

    The chief problem is an electorate whose ignorance of this country and its institutions is the result of Leftist indoctrination that begins in kindergarten and continues through university. This explains why about 30% of millennials believe that George W. Bush killed more people than Josef Stalin. It also explains why nearly 50% of millennials have a favorable view of socialism. Nothing much will change until conservatives make a real effort to break the grip of the Left on our public schools, universities, and schools of journalism.

    • liz

      Exactly right. It’s a disgrace that it’s been allowed to go on all these years. The indoctrination is so thorough they not only can’t see the deception, they don’t think to even question it.