The fixer’s tale 5

This is all old “news” about the Clintons. Brought up yet again by a vast right-wing conspiracy against Hillary Clinton who has done so much for women and children, orphans. the poor, African-Americans, Hispanics, Iranian mullahs, Arab regimes, and the Clintons.

From the Conservative Tribune:

The man whom Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her husband, ex-President Bill Clinton, hired to cover up some of their dirtiest schemes has come forward to explain some of the worst secrets about the couple.

Novelist Jeff Rovin appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” show and explained how he was the “fixer” for many of the Clinton escapades. Rovin confirmed what many people have suspected — that Hillary Clinton ran the show and that she was the one who ordered all of the “fixing”.

Rovin said he was instructed by Hillary Clinton to smear Monica Lewinsky by leaking false stories about her to his contacts.

That action left Rovin feeling particularly guilty. He told host Sean Hannity that he finally got to apologize to Lewinsky in person after a coincidence made them neighbors.

Rovin also said that Hillary Clinton had an affair with longtime ally and lawyer Vince Foster that lasted for years. Foster was found dead in what police said was a suicide, but speculation has always been that he was murdered.

Part of Rovin’s “fixer” responsibilities included helping scrub Foster’s office after his death. He also said he was ordered to distract the media while Team Clinton rummaged through Foster’s office.

Foster also said he hired Jerry Parks, an Arkansas investigator, to spy on Bill because Hillary was worried about Bill’s exploits with so many “sluts” and how that could hurt their political careers.

Two months after Foster was found dead, Parks was found shot nine times at a stoplight in his SUV in Little Rock, Arkansas. Rovin said Parks had to die because he knew everything.

Rovin also said he was told to keep stories quiet in one of two ways: “by trading access to the Clintons for ‘positive’ interviews or by paying the reporters”.

Rovin also told Hannity that the “endless attention” to the alleged indiscretions of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump was what forced him to go public now.

“Nothing I have heard comes close to the sexual and moral corruption of the Clintons — many [instances] of which have yet to be revealed,” he said.

What’s the point of dragging all that up again? The Clintons have moved on to far greater crimes.

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  • liz

    That’s what is so infuriating about the Clinton’s media lackeys coming up with all these stories about Trump’s treatment of women – the Clinton’s have done far worse! It’s the pot calling the kettle black. And that’s the least of their crimes.
    Of course none of that ever merits any mention by our oh-so-professional, unbiased “journalists”. But it’s coming back to bite them now.

  • “it is a case study in international charity fraud, of mammoth proportions.”

    This chap Charles Ortel sounds pretty thorough?

      • Thanks – I must admit I was struggling to take all the US election stuff in and had rather glossed over those. I was listening to Mr. Ortel interviewed and that’s when it really sunk in for me just what a huge story this is. He was saying that its not just the FBI the Clintons have to worry about he thinks that individual states and even foreign nations could bring cases against them.

        He mentioned 1 billion of donations to one charity (I think it was UNITAID) from the UK alone. He said they were homeless when they moved into the White House but before long they had mansions worth hundreds of millions. This isn’t even just about the US election any more, this is an international scandal. I have to say it sounds as if even if she does manage to win the election it won’t be long now before she is in prison, surely, surely. If there is any sanity left in this world that is.

        The relentless pro-Clinton/anti-Trump bias at the BBC has been sickening to behold. They have consistently down-played every Clinton story and exaggerated every Trump story. I am writing about BBC bias at the moment I will add a mention of this UNITAID question as it is very much in the UK interest now to expose this.

        • liz

          It’s truly amazing – and appalling – how these people have been allowed to claim leadership of anything, let alone the Presidency.
          The fact that this industrial scale corruption is being allowed to continue, hand in hand with the destructive leftist agenda, is truly a scandal of international proportions.